This is a group for men who enjoy Freeballing, going Commando, oh heck, just plain not wearing underwear! It is an un-necessary piece of very restrictive clothing. When we are nude, our equipment hangs free, why not when we are dressed! Share experiences and stories about your times freeballing, and how you got started.

Having to cover

I was on a nude holiday last week on which we had to dress for dinner and some outings. So I wore one of three miniskirts with nothing underneath. The skirts were something of a token gesture - they barely covered my bum. An, of course I'd bend...

Running shorts again

I just bought two new split shorts both from Amazon. Both had a liner which I cut out immediately after opening the box. I bought the Boa 1 inch elite split leg short and another that was branded Uzzi called men's basic running shorts. Both are...

Like free balling

I just started free balling and it feels great I know what I was missing all these years it feels like I'm nude but with shorts on my cock and balls are free

Love the group!

I used to freeball ALL the time but found the crotch wearing out of my pant to fast (while the rest of them looked brand new! LOL) and my wife suggested wearing underwear to work only. Been back to that for years now unfortunately. However, I DID...

Going free balling but no clothes under...

I'm a mechanic for a aircraft builder and have to rivet in wings man it hot and tight in there so I change out of my clothes "Go body Balling" and go back in to the wings tanks naked only wearing my coveralls

Free Balling

After having joined this group and reading the post I thought I would try free balling, clothed without underwear with my ball weights on. While I went out to get some refreshments and I really liked I the freedom it has allowed me. It was hardly...

Practical lesson from Above

Practical lesson from Above This morning I awoke at 3:00am, to the water closet, then go back to bed. I found that I could not sleep, a little uptight about having to hunt for new employment because I just got fired from a company I have been employ...

Latest Post
Can being naked be considered commando?

I know commando normally means free balling, but could it also mean naked? The reason I ask is because I sometimes like to interchange "going naked" with "going commando" for variety when people know I'm talking about...

Sons that start freeballing young because...

Was wondering how many dads out their have sons that have wanted to be like their dad and free ball? My boy when he turned 8 I found him starting to go to school without underwear. Was not sure what to think and I asked him why he was doing that and...

Younger generation

I've noticed that the majority of freeballers on here (and in life in general) that I've met tend to be over the age of 30. Do y'all think there's any correlation between someone's age and their willingness to go without...

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