This is a group for men who enjoy Freeballing, going Commando, oh heck, just plain not wearing underwear! It is an un-necessary piece of very restrictive clothing. When we are nude, our equipment hangs free, why not when we are dressed! Share experiences and stories about your times freeballing, and how you got started.

Freeballing in running short and your penis...

So the other day I was doing Indian sprints with a group of people, my penis popped out cause my shorts rode up my leg causing exposure to everybody who I was with. They got a good laugh out of it

Nightmare story

I had a horrible dream last night. I was fully clothed -and- I was wearing underwear. Scary stuff ;)

Dancing bare-chested at guys bar! Have ya...

So, I go to many nude dances. At nudist resorts. Always fun. But, learned something new this weekend! Went for first time to an all guys bar. Ok, call it a gay bar if ya want. LOL. Not the point for a nudist Two buds invited me, promising I could...

Halloween Freeballing!

I don't get trick-or-treaters but I did answer the door as Nude Count Dracula for a massage client this afternoon. All most of my clients know I am a nudist. Upload pic to group also in my profile.

Free balling leading to having cock...

Been free balling since I was a young teen and over the years have noticed nudist men with piercings on their cocks. When I got in my twenties I got one liked it and then got bored with it. Now I am almost 50 have found the love of piercings again....

Hamburg 30.09.-03.10., Berlin 03.10.-06.10.

Visiting Hamburg and Berlin, each for 3 days, looking to hang around with relaxed people. Text me if interested in meet up.

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18 yo newbie with a question

Hey.I start in nudism this year, in february. Now I always sleep naked and try to be naked as much as posible. However, when I'm naked I tend to touch me more but I do not know why.Do I have to keep touching myself?Do I have to stop it?


Hey, my name is Diego and I am 19yo. Add me on SNAPCHAT: diegoalejorm Also I have a nudist group on WHATSAPP. Write me +573204541069 INSTAGRA: diegoarevollom

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Reaching out for help

Hi everyone. I feel hesitant to do this but I desperately need peoples help. I've been an active member of TrueNudists for a few years now. And at the moment. I need everyone help. I'm going blind and finding it harder and harder to...

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Watsapp group

Hi all. I have created a watsapp group. Who so ever is interested in joining please message me ur number. Currently there are 40 active members in the group Please note only certified members will be added.

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