Ham Naturist

This is a group for naturist who also enjoy Ham Radio ( Amateur Radio ) as a hobby. We combine the two hobbies together to enjoy them twice as much as one hobby. Ham radio gives nudist a more social out let on a world wide level. Nude recreation gives ham radio opreators more comfort when operating thier radios.

naturist ham club

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Does anyone check in here from the NU5DE club in Texas? I'm too loaded with work right now to set up my HF station and attempt to make contact that way. Since that involves getting my whole orchard camp arrangement established with cabin tent and off grid power system.
Right now I need to work on one aspect of the power plant. I will have solar but I need more than that. Gonna sell some trees for cash and go get a couple ancient hit n miss type engines to play with. They make nice generator engines, and for driving log splitter and grain mill and whatever needs doing. I like them a lot better than the modern high speed engines, very low RPM and long lasting.

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RE:naturist ham club

I have further ideas on things I'd like to do. One is to build me an electric off road bike, converting a 3 wheeler into a 2 wheeler, converting it to electric drive with plenty of lithium battery power to run a good ways, and adding cargo bags and rack. have a portable radio rig I can pack in and ride off into the wild forest on the rough trails here and there. Maybe make a portable heatable small tent I can take along too. Park on top a mountain and get out better than I can from home station. It'd be neat to try a tipi type tent so I don't need a stove, just a fire on the ground in the middle. A foil faced lining would be good for reflecting heat inward. So I can experiment with possibly being comfortable nude in cold winter weather in a portable tent arrangement. I'd enjoy being in a regular on air meetup with other naturist hams and fool with it in different locations and situations. From home orchard camp to here and there portable/mobile wilderness camping and such things.

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