Ham Naturist

This is a group for naturist who also enjoy Ham Radio ( Amateur Radio ) as a hobby. We combine the two hobbies together to enjoy them twice as much as one hobby. Ham radio gives nudist a more social out let on a world wide level. Nude recreation gives ham radio opreators more comfort when operating thier radios.

CQ, CQ, CQ DX..... K0LEF.... CQ

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K0LEF (Doug in Colorado Springs) here. I would love to chat on 20m or 40m. I run 100w barefoot (of course!) and use a Chameleon MPAS 2 dipole.

73, Doug

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RE:CQ, CQ, CQ DX..... K0LEF.... CQ

Doug, I am in Eastern Colorado. 20 may not work but how about 40 SSB?

Mike W8TRN

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