Jacuzzi Nudists

Love spending time with others in a Jacuzzi? Believe that Jacuzzi's were invented for Nudists by Nudists? Have stories to tell about your Jacuzzi Experiences? Come chat here, share some of that Lazy hours with us

How often do you use your hot tub

How often do you use your hot tub, Jacuzzi or spa? For me I use it almost every day, my wife about 25% of the time and friends about 2% of the time. Not all our nudist friends want to jump in. Of course it is a nude spa, no swimming suits aloud. We...

Our hot tub gets used at least weekly

We love having guests over and getting in our hot tub. Just something about the hot water and the jets we just love.

Just put in our hot tub

Now looking for friends to join us in our hot tub

Love nude whirlpool/jacuzzi - need to get one

I've always been a fan of nude hot tubbing. Never liked wearing a suit, since they fill up with bubbles and that feels weird. I remember having a friend in high school who had a hot tub and he would invite guys over when his mom was spending the...

Jacuzzi - First Time

The first time I tried a jacuzzi was at a neighbor's house. They just moved in and installed a huge jacuzzi in their backyard. My parents soon made friends with them and discovered our new neighbors were nudist. They invited us to use it only on...

Salt water jacuzzi?

So me and the wife use our jacuzzi nearly every day. We love it and is one of the few places the Mrs enjoys nudity with me. I use bromine as a sanitizer but was thinking that a salt water jacuzzi might be better for the skin and less exposure to...

North Central Florida

Hey everyone. Haven't been in a jacuzzi with fellow nudists before, but would love the opportunity to join in if possible. If anyone in the Gainesville, Florida area or North Central Florida has a jacuzzi for a possible naked get-together, would...

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We love our jacuzzi

We love our jacuzzi we've had a couple over and agreed to no suits.


Jacuzzi's were invented to have fun in - we always enjoy the company of other couples - yes please!!!

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Just say:

Hey there... come on guys, why join a group and not make a single comment or say hi, we did it last night... Pls peeps, make this an intresting active group


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