Jacuzzi Nudists

Love spending time with others in a Jacuzzi? Believe that Jacuzzi's were invented for Nudists by Nudists? Have stories to tell about your Jacuzzi Experiences? Come chat here, share some of that Lazy hours with us

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Congratulations. 1000 members. A group with a topic which absolutely belongs to nudism. I like this group and I love to be in a jacuzzi in a nice company.

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I am a bit ashamed

Last time I was sitting to close to the water jet and I could not hold it.... I got an orgasm


Jacuzzi's were invented to have fun in - we always enjoy the company of other couples - yes please!!!

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Jacuzzi - First Time

The first time I tried a jacuzzi was at a neighbor's house. They just moved in and installed a huge jacuzzi in their backyard. My parents soon made friends with them and discovered our new neighbors were nudist. They invited us to use it only on...

South East TX

Anyone in south East Tx have one I never been in one naked before but really want to

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I use to belong to a club and the owner had a jacuzzi love having so many people in the jacuzzi .

The hot tub is finally in

Early y in the summer we purchased a large hot tub that had to be shipped from the factory. It took longer than expected but it is finally here. Now, to make it a bit more private. We would like our guests to feel comfortable using the hot tub as...

Hot tub friends

Nothing better then to be in a hot tub naked with friends have a hot tub rental place in lansing mich always fun to go

Hot Tub at the Lodge

I was out of town teaching a class and was staying at a nearby State Park. The Lodge had a swimming pool and a hot tub. It had been a long day and I had some time to kill before meeting my co-worker for dinner. I decided that a few minutes in the...

Hot tub and massage.

I do massage and am going to get a hot tub and add that later in the year. Be great to offer a massage after a soak. I used to get massages and I always liked having a soak before to losen up the muscles. Made for such a relaxing experience