Kilt Loving Nudists

Nudists who enjoys wearing a Kilt. Nudists who admire kilt wearers.

Interested ladies

My friend and I were walking back to the car after a night out in Harrogate. We bumped into a dozen young ladies who were intrigued by our kilts. As we passed I lifted the back of my kilt and got a cheer. Then one of them called after me, to come...

Windy day

I have fun in my kilt on a windy day, maybe walking across the airport tarmac with hands full and kilt lifted high. And there are other places.

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Celtic Festival and Highland Games

The Central Virginia Celtic Festival and Highland Games is October 26 & 27 in Richmond Virginia. My wife and I have been there the past couple of years and love it. I will be wearing my kilt as well as many other men. (no nudity except under the...

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The question

When I wear my kilt all the ladies ask if I'm wearing anything under it (I don't, ever). I wore it to a pub selling a selection of real ales. The landlady asked. So I showed her by lifting the front of the kilt. She went pink.

I'm naked under my kilt!

I once read a post on a kilt website where a guy said that wearing a kilt commando with no shirt and barefoot was the closest he could be to naked in public. Does anyone else feel a connection between wearing the kilt and naturism?

Feileadh Mor---The Great Kilt

I've always worn a Great Kilt, having been introduced to kilts when we were involved in historical reenactment...and always worn it "regimental" a.k.a. freeballing. Love it, absolutely love it. Now, mind you, you don't just buckle...


For my last holiday, in France, I flew both ways in my kilt. It was worn in the traditional way without underwear. There were no problems except for the wind at Nimes airport. It blew my kilt way up. On the return flight I heard a mother telling her...


So glad to find this discussion board. I have two Utilikilts and I love them. Though I don't wear them often... I find men in kilts to be very sexy!

Mini kilts

I bought a mini kilt and found it a great success when in town on holiday. The locals loved the way I had nothing under the kilt even though it's very short. Now I have a full election of them.

International Tartan Day, July 1

Remember on July 1 will be International Tartan Day. John

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