Kilt Loving Nudists

Nudists who enjoys wearing a Kilt. Nudists who admire kilt wearers.

New Year

New year's eve or Hogmanay is a great time to get out the kilt. It might be the only time I wear something as I'm off on a nude holiday for Christmas and New Year.

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New member who wears the kilt

hey all, Dave here from Cleveland, OH. I have worn the kilt where possible for a number of year now and I am delighted to see this group. Wearing the kilt is truly the best of both worlds , kilts nad nudism. Of course, I always wear my kilt...

Unexpected views!

Has anyone caught a sight of what lies beneath a kilt unexpectedly!? Yesterday I had been to see the film "Angel's Share" which has a long sequence with three lads and a girl in kilts. On my way out the cinema there was a young guy...

New year

Hogmanay, time to get the kilt out. And, if everyone asks what's under it, tell them to wait till midnight. Then, as Big Ben chimes in the new year do a strip. If you take something off on each of the twelve boings you can show them your a...

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New Kilt for Christmas

My wife just told me she is going to put a Kilt under the tree for me this year. Can't wait for Christmas! I have always worn a Pareo around the backyard and while out in public places so the Kilt will be an awesome addition. Thanks honey.


Any guys got, or willing to get, pics of themself in their kilt? Would love to seet them.

Kilt websites

Anyone know of some good websites with pics of guys in kilts?

Latest PostThanks guys!!
by ruaridh 
Kilts are Historic

I just found this group and had to join. While I haven't worn a kilt YET, I've had interests in them since I began collecting British and Canadian military uniforms twenty years ago. How many of the group members know that British and...

Still Kilting in the Fall

Although the weather is turning, I still enjoy going out wearing a kilt and enjoying the freedom. I think maybe some regular kilt socks for winter are going to help the situation. Are others still staying kilted? I hope so.


Great to have this kilt thread on this site! Has anyone tried a "Utilikilt"? I've seen them: They look absolutely great! ... and I bet they're comfortable as all get-out. (Especially in a commando world ... ) Badger