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Remember Tartan Day on April 6 (Canada and...

Tartan Day is on April 6 (Canada and USA). What tartan and type of kilt will you be wearing? I plan on wearing an ancient Buchanan tartan casual kilt from USAkilt. Also, remember on July 1 will be International Tartan Day. John

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Happy Saint Patty's Day To All

Hope Everybody Has A Happy Saint Patty's Day!

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How About You ? Will You Be Wearing A Kilt...

I wish I lived near a nudist resort to celebrate St. Patty's Day but I don't. This is the next best way.... I will be wearing a kilt in the traditional fashion to the Pub. It is an olive green standard UT kilt. How about you?

Wanna go kilted

I have several utility kilts. So far I've only worn them hiking out in the wilderness. I really want to wear them more out in the world and whenever. Maybe tomorrow out on the holiday outing with the family. Really thinking about it and wonder...


Is a ceilidh Scottish or Irish? More to the point is it right to wear a kilt? I'm hoping to. And I'm hoping my hem will rise during some of the dances.


I would like to introduce myself, I am John from Pennsylvania. I like wearing kilts. I have three casual USA Kilt tartan kilts. They are Anderson, Buchanan and Wallace. I just wanted to say "Hello".

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Kilt Outings?

I have never worn a kilt before but have some people i know where them to a few events. I wonder what does it feel like with the breezes and everything else? Has people grabbed your kilt and looked up it to see if your naked? Where do you wear you...

Virginia Celtic Festival

Does any one plan to go to the Central Virginia Celtic Festival on Saturday October 22nd and or Sunday 23rd in Richmond?My wife and I plan to be there both days. I have never been to one of these. I was also wonder has anyone ever been to one of...

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I have a mini-kilt I wear as a wrap. It just covers my bum. Last week I wore it to a Tapas evening in Spain. It got a lot of attention as all the other men were in shorts or trousers. All the attention was from women. It was clear that I was wearing...