Guys Who Like To Show Wife Naked

This group is for guys who like to show their wife naked. Sharing photos here, or they like going to nude beaches and having their wife seen naked by other men and couple.Pictures should be of your wife. Apparently, the pleasure that other men are seeing your wife naked is called candaulism.

If my Husband likes to post me but....

isn't really active on the site can I post me for him? lol May

Love showing off my wife's naked body

Like many others on here I love guys looking at my wife's nude body. We used to go to nude beaches and nude swims and I found it exciting seeing other men looking at her. To her credit she liked the attention and liked looking at the men....

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Just pics?

Do people only like sharing pics or do you also like sharing your wife's on cam. If yes, would luv to watch your wife on cam. Please message me where you go on cam and your details and we can make it happen.

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My Wife

A bit of naked dancing

Why this problem for us?

I'm wondering why I got this problem, I'm a nudist , but more then that, i love to show my wife naked to other men. I wish to take my wife naked to my friends home. I wish my wife sit nude with me at bachelor party. I wish to celebrate her...

zoom nudist couple meet

me and some of friends organized a zoom online nudist meet everyday at 7am chicago us tume 7am - 10am we just turn on our cams and do other things zoom if you are not too much confatable you can wear a mask or something. no clothes thats the rule...

My Wife

Just something simple!

wife trade

Group here is slow. Anyone here want to trade . Here is my wife

My wife

Just wanted to share with you guys

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