Guys Who Like To Show Wife Naked

This group is for guys who like to show their wife naked. Sharing photos here, or they like going to nude beaches and having their wife seen naked by other men and couple.Pictures should be of your wife. Apparently, the pleasure that other men are seeing your wife naked is called candaulism.

We cannot view our pic we posted

So we posted a pic of my beautiful wife about a week ago in this group. And now that other pics have been posted, we can no longer view our pic because it says members are only allowed to view 6 pics. This sucks because other than my wife and i...

really love it

i really love to show my girlfriend nude at the beach or public places.

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Agreed, love partner to be seen nude

I took my gf to one of my favourite local beaches for the first time. Its a quieter cove which is clothing optional. We settled in and at first I didnt get naked at first. She mentioned this after a while saying I thought you were a nudist? I...


I find it a very big turn on for myself to let others see my wife nsked

Nude wife

I get great enjoyment seeing my gorgeous partner nude in mixed company showing her confidence and proudly being noticed.

single men

Why are there single men in this group? I thought it was for married couples?

Being seen naked

My partner Stefan loves me being seen naked when we go to nude beaches and resorts. He always says they can look but not touch He always compliments me on my body and says the female form is beautiful. It was me who introduced him into naturism and...

My thoughts

I absolutely enjoy other seeing my wife for the true beauty she really is... as I see her. I'm sure most of the men here are of the same mind.

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by Rexes2 
Here is Lily

My wife for your enjoyment