Everyone nudist/naturist who likes to show his/her nude body and also likes to look at other people's nude bodies.

now love to be seen nude in the locker room

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I lost all myinhibitions at the age of 11 when I
startedschool at an all boysprivate grammar school back
in the late 1960's. They had a small indoor swimming pooland
I was quite surprised to discover that everyone had to swim in the
nude. It was very basic, an open changing area, no lockers but just
hooks on the wall and a couple of open showers. At the first
swimming lessonmy entire class of 30 gotundressed and
lined up all along the side of the pool with just their towels
wrapped around them. The gym master asked who was in the swimming
teams of their primary schools. I put my hand up along with 2 other
boys. Then he asked who was swimming team captains at primary
school. Only I put my hand up. He told me to go and hang my towel
up on peg number 1 at thedeep end of the pool. I did so,
turned around and stood there naked aloneon the side of the
pool. I felt very embarrassed andvenerable as everyone just
stared at my naked body, and were whispering to each other. I
wanted to try and cover my nudity with my hands. The gym master
blew his whistle for silence. Then he told the other 2 boys to join
me. He then asked any boys who could not swim to put their hands up
and go to the shallow end of the pool and hang their towel up on
the pegs. The remainder of the boys joined me. Eventually after
about 10 minutes we all got into the water. I was the best swimmer
in my class so the gym master asked me to join the school swimming
team which meant I went swimming nude most lunchtimes and often
after school also, right up to the age of 18 when I went to
university. I was told the school ended the nude swimming policy in
the late 1970's.

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RE:now love to be seen nude in the locker room

I have a feeling that it was more that your gym master could not believe your size - he probably had all of the teachers lined up to see you without your knowing! Nothing to be ashamed of!

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RE:now love to be seen nude in the locker room

I, too, went to an all boys grammar. We had an outdoor pool in which we swam every day of the summer term. Naked. The water was so cold sometimes that we did not swim for long but it was said to be character forming. Everyone's genitalia shrank to a small size owing to the cold water.
This activity stopped after I had left .
I have , as aresult, never had inhibitions about public nudity

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RE:now love to be seen nude in the locker room

I have seen several older women openly shave themselfes in the showers and changing room at my local public swimming pool sarah

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RE:now love to be seen nude in the locker room

That is a great story. Shame it doesn't still happen now, but understand why it had to stop. But still if more people were happy with nudity I am sure the place would be a happier place

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