Everyone nudist/naturist who likes to show his/her nude body and also likes to look at other people's nude bodies.

My Neighbors

I'm always nude in my backyard, I new that my next door neighbor could see me and I waited to see if they say something or complain, we started to talk, be friendly. All the time, they always came to talk to me while I was nude in my backyard...

Nudist Skype: Liammbrowni

Hello everyone! My name is Liam and i'm 22.I'm a nudist for 7 years, totally the best choice i have ever made!Love the freedom and i feel very comfortable while I'm nude :DI'm looking to meet cool, funny and awesome nudist people on...

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Like to show and see others nude

I am an exhibitionist by heart and love to see others nude and show my nude body to others. New here, and looking for similar minded people, specially couples with similar mindset.

Natural naked and beautiful

Love to look at naked adults men and women. I think the human body is beautiful, all different shapes and sizes. As a kid I drove the tractor naked plowing and baling hay in the back sections of our property. I love being naked and don't mind...

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Getting "CAUGHT"!!!

So since we all like to show off our nude bodies.....that must mean we are all exhibitionists at heart! you ste things up so you can get "CAUGHT" nude, either at home or in public? I know I have at home, with delivery people and...

Getting "caught" in a state of...

Grew up with a lot of SKINNY DIPPING------with my pals-----naked in the showers with various ATHLETIC involvements------at summer camps-----in the college group showers-----in the military-----and always enjoyed "appreciative" viewing....

My first anniversary

Today I have 1 year of presence on the site. During these 12 months I have met several fantastic people. I thank everyone. I would like to know more people in my second year, which is why I renew my invitation to everyone to visit my profile and (if...

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New to the group

This group seemed perfect for me. I love taking pictures and sharing them with others. I posted a couple on ,just waiting for them to be approved. Anybody know how long that usually takes? Any ladies wishing to share/exchange photos...

New photos

I recently uploaded new photos on my profile, I would be very glad you saw them. I would also be happy to receive friendship requests from you. I am Andrea, I am 54 and live in Italy.

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