Everyone nudist/naturist who likes to show his/her nude body and also likes to look at other people's nude bodies.

Airbnb host.

I am traveling and to save money plus to make stays more personal, I am utilizing Airbnb. On my 3rd place to stay so far. The first a single guy who is a massage therapist, reacted firmly and negatively when I was casually nude the first morn. I...

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Looking for friends to chat with

Intro....Adam Here

Hey everyone! Adam here. Back on Tn again...Just wanted to introduce myself to anyone who I haven't chatted with before and say Hi to those I have. I had to remove my profile for personal/work related issues but I have resolved them and now Im...

shy little boy, old now

i was always insecure until i staeted going to the nude beaches, it helped so much

Why Not Certified

Why don't some members send in a picture to be certified by an administrator. I hesitate to share pictures via email or chat with anyone who is not certified. Not being certified makes me think that the member is not who he/she says s/he is.

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by Nudistpig 
Why do you like to show your nude body?

Would love to know why do you like to show your nude body? How do you feel when naked in front of other naked people? Do you like been watched naked by others?

yes like to do naked pics

just posted one looking for more nudist in bristol

Always wonder

I feel I'm a little over weight but love to hear what everyone has to say. Feel free to comment tell me what you think. If your worried about it email me at

Need some advice

Hi I have never been nude around other people (except for my girlfriend) and I looking for people I can try with. The only issue is that I am abit concerned about getting an erection. Do people frown upon this as I don't want to offend anybody....