Everyone nudist/naturist who likes to show his/her nude body and also likes to look at other people's nude bodies.

love to hear what others think...

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I would love to know what you think. The good, the bad, the ugly. Please comment!

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RE:love to hear what others think...

Great lighting on that first one! All of them are wonderful.

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RE:love to hear what others think...

I am assuming this is your own bathroom and you will have many opportunities to create even better photos there. So I am going to give you constructive criticism instead of just adding to the positivity echo chamber.

It looks rather strange to halfway cut off a limb like you did your right leg. The tips of your fingers are also cut off in a strange way. I would suggest only cutting off limbs at, for instance, joints.

The lighting isn't that interesting and looks a bit flat on your body. I would suggest raising the contrast and then dodging and burning the highlights and shadows.

The window is completely blown out without any detail. If you can't bracket and merge frames, I would suggest using the window as the light source but not put it in the picture as a compositional element. I see you are looking out of it which is trying to create a bit of story (good!) but blown out highlights are always going to be blown out highlights.

I would stick to the rule of thirds or center the image. It looks a little off with you off center. You could accomplish this in this particular photo by cropping it. Knowing the rule of thirds and practicing with it really helps with learning how to make interesting compositions, and the when and why you would choose to not use the rule of thirds.

I would stick a dime side amount of silicone lube on your penis head and then rub the silicone lube all over your penis. Cut cocks are dryer than intact dicks. The little bit of silicone lube will help the penis head glisten and that little touch adds to any nude male photo, erotic or not. The glans just gets these wonderful specular highlights when moist. Remember to rub it into all of your penis and only use a small amount. You want to add some specular highlights not look like you are lubed up for sex (or maybe you do, it is your photo!)

Turn off the indoor lights. I think using that one window as your only light source will be a lot easier to learn about lighting. You will also see more dramatic shadows with one light source. Also, the indoor lights have a different color temperature than the light coming from the window, I see a bit of different in skin coloration from your right side to your left side. This would be eliminated with a single light source.

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