Male Bonding2

For those who like to explore the concept and dynamics of male bonding. Men are socialized in different ways in different societies, and so many men would like to have close male friendships, yet after spending time establishing a career, primary relationship and live in general, find themselves without close male friends. Many of us want male friends with whom we can share openly without...

Get To Know You...

I figured it might be fun to do a get to know each other type of thread, if anyone wants to participate... Just answer the following questions below: 1. Where are you from? (general area ok!) 2. What nudist destination do you want to visit? 3. Have...

New Skype Group- Nudist Male Hangout

I had to create a new skype group. This is a place for men to hang out nude on cam. No lurkers- just be cool with being nude on cam.

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Hey Guys would love to talk with other men on skype that enjoy hanging out naked, I am a 53 year old man and respectful of everyone skype name is the same: Nudistncalifornia say hello sometime

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Any one in American Fork looking for someone or 3some in American fork

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Bromance over Romance

Male Bonding Kik Group

Hey, I have a Kik group set up for guys interested in comfortably hanging out nude online together. Straight, bi, gay is all good, since its about the bonding experience and enjoying being men naked together. Relaxed, friendly and not shy! Lol Let...

What a jerk

I recently hosted a guy through Airbnb who said he was excited about being able to stay at a place that let him walk around nude. I assured him that whatever level of nudity he was comfy with was fine with me. Of course I greeted him nude and he got...

Men's Skype chat group

Hey all, I have started a Skype chat group for men from all over. I primarily want the group to be a place where men can be men, chat to each other, share pics of their nudist life, all without fear or judgement for simply being a nudist man. What I...

West Suburbs of Chicago

Trying to find other guys who want to meet up at least 2 times a month on a Saturday or Sunday for nudist fun and fraternity. Mark

Cell phone policies in locker rooms

I recently quit my membership at the YMCA for LA Fitness. The Y was mostly 60+ whereas the average age at LAF is likely half that. I was expecting there to be less nudity in the locker room, but am shocked that not only do millennials wear shorts in...