Manscaping & Male Grooming

The modern man should take pride in his appearance. This group is dedicated to educating the modern male nudist on how to tend to such matters as manscaping and general male maintenance. The aim is for this group to be the No. 1 destination for all of your male grooming questions. Come share your hints, tips and how-to's as well as posting your creations. The group is for guys by guys but...

Orlando waxing.

Anyone around Orlando FL that does waxing? Or know of someone who does. Thanks for the help. Chris

Whats best to use

Hi all hope we can get back to manscaping soon .. I do it to other guys here in Birmingham uk but wondered what razors /creams others use .. electric or hand .. looking for ideas

Broward Guy loves to groom

I love shaving guys. I can do a head-to-toe or just a specific area, at your request. Let me know if you are in Florida or coming to visit

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Has anyone used a home permanent hair...

I would love to permanently remove some of my hair. Amazon has some laser units for home use. Does it really work?

Any body trimming salons in Kansas City

Where do men go in the Kansas City area for a mans capping pubic trim. Everywhere Ive checked is a full wax and I just want a trim with clippers. 70 bi and prefers trummed

Where to get a trim not shave

Why arent there shops where you can get a trim without a full wax.

Arm pit hair. Shave, trim, or bushy?

I do not remember when my armpit hair came in. Was a late bloomer. My pubes came in later than my buddies' so that was embarrassing as a kid in the locker room. Funny. As a nudist I don't care anymore. Now, I shave my balls, and take the...

Razor Blades - What do you use?

Hi! I have tried several razor blades and find that the ones with the triple blades work best. Do you all have a preference? I user an electric razor to remove hair first if I haven't shaved for a few weeks. Then it is easier to shave using a...

Man scaping

I like to shave below everyone is different its ur body i find some females like it shaved below