Manscaping & Male Grooming

The modern man should take pride in his appearance. This group is dedicated to educating the modern male nudist on how to tend to such matters as manscaping and general male maintenance. The aim is for this group to be the No. 1 destination for all of your male grooming questions. Come share your hints, tips and how-to's as well as posting your creations. The group is for guys by guys but...

Epilfree hair removal?

Has anyone heard of or tried epilfree hair removal? I am not a candidate for laser hair removal as my hair is too light colored and there is nobody in my area that does electrolysis for men (plus I heard it is a pretty painful process), but I came...

Anyone Manscaping in New England?

Looking for someone who offers manscaping. I need it once a month. Thanks.


Hey, guys! New to the group, so I thought of a subject that does not seem to attract a lot of discussion. When it comes to male grooming, most of the talk is about shaving it or keeping it all natural. But what about making sure that your feet and...

Getting an erection during a waxing

Guys who get waxed, has this happened to you? How did you deal with it? How did your waxer deal with it ? Pre covid I had regular waxings for a couple of years and have recently started again. Its happened to me a few times to varying degrees but...

Started young

I can't remember what made me do it but the first time I shaved my pubes I was only 14. I stopped because I got made fun of in the showers at school, started again in my 20s and have kept it up. (no pun intended)

Naked projects

Hi guys, Maybe some of you know my dressed-undressed blog: Last year I startarted with a few similar projects - an extended version of my previous blog, one for home nudists,...

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Manscaping for the HOLIDAYS

Hey locals and travelers, if looking to get ready and clean for the big party as well feel fresh, come over to my home studio near O'Hare airport in Chicago where I'm offering you full body massage and body manscaping. Contact me via message...

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Using cream to get smooth

Having shaved for many years, I wanted to get really smooth, but not have to go for a waxing. Recently I tried Veet for men, intimate areas. the reviews had some guys say great and others rant about burning gonads and never again, so I read...

Manscaping Chicago

Hey men if interested on massages, here I can host near O'Hare Chicago. Let's get naked and enjoy each other. Also interested on shaved your body, that's so much fun, I'm very experienced and detailed. Get pampered throughout the...

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Cindy 2631

Cindy2631 is just advertising for sex, do you think she belongs in the Manscaping forum?


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