Men Who Are "Smaller Then Average"

Men Who Are "Smaller then Average"

Wife teasing

My wife teases me about my small winkle She calls me DinkyWinky and has told her best friend that I am very small She watches naked attraction and always comments on the size of penises on display saying she has never seen one smaller than mine I...

Is that cool?

Hello,I'm bigger than average but I absolutely admire men who are smaller than average down there.I think you guys look great!

Think I'm the only Blk guy here with a...

I LOVE talking about having a small one. I've even enjoyed SDH. Anyway, anyone wanna be small dick buddies?

Very tall and very small

Hello everyone. I am 6 ft 9 and certainly do not have a penis that is in proportion to my height. Anyone else out there that are tall and small like me?

Latest PostNice!!!
by BlkNudist17 
An Interesting guide to size

Thought I'd share this link, it's quite a good guide to sizes in general and more to it then just big and small.

Women's opinion

Ladys what's your opinion on different sizes? Good or bad let's hear them.

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Small c2c?

Any other small guys enjoy nude c2c with a buddy?

Small Penis

Any small penis guys in Richmond? I visit often and thought it would be cool to hang out. I stay in a hotel usually in the short pump area.

Latest PostRichmond VA?
by Bradlynnpvt 
Love to share nude photo (certified only)

Hi Everyone, I am Ash - 20 years old from Australia and I have a small penis! I love to take my nude pics everyday even when masturbate or have sex and want to share and swap with everyone who have the same hobbies. If you are into fully hairy or...

Small condoms

How many of you wear small size condoms? I only discovered them about 5 years ago, didn't realise most brands did a smaller version, durex called theirs close fit. I often used to find regular ones ride up my shaft a bit and I'm some cases...


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