Men Who Are "Smaller Then Average"

Men Who Are "Smaller then Average"

Even smaller as I get older

Anyone else have this problem? My penis seems like its getting smaller. I'm also constantly behind on my testosterone shots so T level is always low. Not sure if that affects size.

A Proud Member of the Elite Petite

I've always been proud of what nature gave me (5"), and still comfortable at what was taken away (now 2-3"). An ATV accident a few years ago caused trauma directly to my groin, which resulted in a curve and a loss of a few inches....

Smaller than average models

Hi everyone, Im an amateur artist who's currently working on life drawing. I'd just been going to the local community art drop in and even working one on one with a few local models. However because if the current situation obviously...


Any smaller dudes up to Skype with an admirer pm

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older member

Qualified for group and plucked up the courage to add to the Media collection, wish could show full pic face and all, love to chat on cam have the usual facilities

Being small

I was sitting watching tv and relized with my legs together everything disappears I never relized it that's how small things are

Size Matters But I'm Okay with It

Thanks for adding me. I've spent my summers at naturist beaches and resorts since I was a little boy. During the colder seasons, I also visit saunas regularly. When I started to study at university abroad, I was posing as a figure model at an...

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Like father's

I look like my father , growing up I thought all guys were this size it was not till I went to my first swim class in 4th grade that I saw we came in all sizes lol

Hi all

Hi! I am new in this group. I definitely meet the standards lol. Would love to chat or cam on Skype if anyone wants to!

older guy

Hey all, older guy here based north west UK, small, cut and smooth. seeks new friends and venues, love to join a naturists coffee group if one about fairly local Skype is available ( salty481 ) also Hangouts

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