Men Who Are "Smaller Then Average"

Men Who Are "Smaller then Average"

I am Matt

I am Matt I am 38 with a small penis and big balls and pubic hair all over my body and looking for any male nudists that is like me body wise to send me a message on here or chat to me on my hangouts id on Google :)

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we are what we are

really being a nudist , penis size don't matter at all . we are what we are , can't change it :)

Small buddies???

Mature professional married guy here. Love to chat or cam with other guys who have a small one! Fun to be naked together and compare! Add me as a friend on here or on skype as blustringer99.

The Smaller the Better

Hey guys! I am realizing more and more how much more attracted I am to men with small penises. In fact, my motto is the smaller the better. Does anyone have a micro penis on here? I would love to chat more about what it is like to have such a small...

Soft and hard

Hi all. I am a male,60 from Georgia. I am 1" soft but hard I get 7". Is this like everyone in this group.?

A Proud Member of the Elite Petite

I've always been proud of what nature gave me (5"), and still comfortable at what was taken away (now 2-3"). An ATV accident a few years ago caused trauma directly to my groin, which resulted in a curve and a loss of a few inches. Sure,...

High school gym class

As a teenager I was constantly mocked about my small member. After my first shower in gym , word spread fast, needless to say I didnt date in high school, and there was lots of pointing and snickering.

Hey, guys ...

... I'm a young naturist, visit beaches, saunas, resorts, also pose nude via local agency, it's my students' job. I'm comfortable with my body in general, because I was raised nude at summer resorts, that's why I really don't...

new here

Hey guys. New to the group. I have a small penis and I am attracted to guys with small penises. I think its a turn on when a guy can be confident and unashamed of his small penis even though the world says he should be ashamed. I am hoping to meet...

older UK guy

Older guy here UK based North West seeks new contacts also assistance with photographs for my profile, I have good cams just need someone to point em lolBased West Lancashire UK

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