Men Who Are "Smaller Then Average"

Men Who Are "Smaller then Average"

Soft and hard

Hi all. I am a male,60 from Georgia. I am 1" soft but hard I get 7". Is this like everyone in this group.?

Anyone with a small uncut cock and big...

I'm part of that group of guys who are small with an uncut head and a nice set of balls. A lot of guys like an uncut penis which now I'm happy my parents never circumcised me.

Younger smaller guys

I'm interested in meeting, friending, and just chatting with other younger guys who happen to be less endowed. I'm not sure the reason but it seems there aren't that many of us

Another Proud "Shorty" Here

Hi Guys, I'm new and just want to say that the size of your penis does not define you as a man. In addition to having a tiny penis, I've been fat for most of my life with a a set of "moobs" and lots of body hair. All of these traits...

Small in Lancs uk

Would love to socialise with like for like, am older guy, shaved and up for any chat Skype name is owdbloke

How small is small?

I have always considered myself small (Not porn star material) but no one have ever complained. So what makes you think you are small and anyone actually complained about it?

Overcoming below average

I always had a complex about my size, I was married for a long time so only one woman saw it. When I was divorced and ready to date I always feared to be ridiculed by a woman . I started to research and found that all men certainly are not equal,...

Small here

Hi guys, I'm very small here, having spent most of my life being ridiculed I have been welcomed into this world not being judged, I don't mind showing on Skype newbienaturist1 Steve

The Smaller the Better

Hey guys! I am realizing more and more how much more attracted I am to men with small penises. In fact, my motto is the smaller the better. Does anyone have a micro penis on here? I would love to chat more about what it is like to have such a small...

Just a Comment

Mine is 2 when soft but 5.5 when hard so I think it's average. Don't have problem with my size because since I was a little boy I've spent all my summers at FKK resorts or naturist beaches. I regularly visit saunas all the year too. When...