Men Who Are "Smaller Then Average"

Men Who Are "Smaller then Average"

I just joined

Hi, I just joined this group and it really applies to me. My buddies use to tease me about my small size. Anyway, would anyone like to Skype about it - in a non sexual way? Send me a message. It would be great to hear from guys who can relate.

Small penis chat, meet...

Hi all, Owner of a small penis (3.5" hard) usually displaying just a nub. Very comfortable with my tiny dick and love to be naked and enjoy being seen naked. Love to have a few buddies to chat to, if your in the UK Wales maybe a meet (hang out...

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by Chrisss1236 
Looking for small friends

I really appreciate men with small penises and I would love to meet more and be friends !

Skype chat

Naked Life - Platonic Clean Chat. A friendly room to chat , cam , connect with likeminded . Do not join if your just looking to jerk off . No cock pics , only full body pics . Thank you . New room just started

Skype chatrooms

Active Skype Chatrooms : TN / Skype room - cleanish chatroom to catch up . Seniors room - For 50+guys only . Naked Playroom - for naked fun :) . Naked Lounge - lounge around and chat naked . Nudist Fun Room - lighthearted fun room mainly for...

WhatsApp Group

Hey everyone! I'm thinking about creating a Nudist Group on WhatsApp. Two rules: 1. Only share self pics/videos with FACE included. 2. Avoid deleting messages. Who's up to? Text me: +553491419266 or send message here with your number

Smaller due to surgery

I didn't have any extra in length or width anyway, but when I had a prostatectomy last year, i lost 2 inches that i could not afford to lose. Don't get me wrong, I am happy to be healthy, but I really miss what I had. I used to love hanging...

Being smaller than the average is not a...

Im six feet tall. It is better to be small and to feel good in your skin and in your health than great and sick. We are what we are! I am also left-handed when the majority of people are right-handed: as they get older, it even has the advantage of...

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"Smaller than average" what is the...

I am 4cm soft and 12cm hard. For me 4 to 5 cm is an average size yet what is the recognised size for an average penis. Here in South Africa I have seen my fair share of naked guys of all races and can tell you that between the various groups of...

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