Men Who Are "Smaller Then Average"

Men Who Are "Smaller then Average"

Strange problem?

I don't know if anyone else has this problem (maybe not a problem, but don't know what else to call it!) Being small I find it difficult to keep my foreskin pulled back! Make any move and it pops back into place! Do tell me if I'm being...

I would like to hang with guys in Texas

I would like to hang with guys in Dickinson, Texas. I can host.

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Hey, guys ...

... I'm a young naturist, visit beaches, saunas, resorts, also pose nude via local agency, it's my students' job. I'm comfortable with my body in general, because I was raised nude at summer resorts, that's why I really don't...

Small sack

I am doubly blessed. Not only do I have a small penis, I have almost no sack. Who elseis like this?

new here

Hey guys. New to the group. I have a small penis and I am attracted to guys with small penises. I think its a turn on when a guy can be confident and unashamed of his small penis even though the world says he should be ashamed. I am hoping to meet...

New to the group in Nebraska USA

Hi I am also small too I see sometimes i am made a of joke but gotten to age where don't let it bug me anymore. I joined this group to help support other fellow small nude other issue now days at age 60 the plumbing just don't...

Small UNhung comedic stripper/ nude waiter...

Im a small hung guy whos learned to accept my smaller size throw insecurity to the side and pursue my fantasies, and desires, do the things confidant hung guys are known to do, and hopefully inspire other UNhung guys to let go, let loose and hang...

Nudists from the UK

Hi. Anybody out there from the UK, possibly down south would be a bonus. I think my cock is small although not micro. Its about 5 inches erect, not particularly thick, could be any length when flaccid. I am circumcised. I would love to chat, maybe...

small guy UK

Hi small endowd guy here north west uk looking for new "friends"


Just found this group. I was very self conscious about my equipment until I joined a nude men's group. I'm just below average, kinda on the large end of there smaller scale (Is that an oxymoron?). I do prefer the term " Fun Size"...

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