Muscle And Fitness

a place where we can chat and exchange views,tips,and ideas, about building muscle maintaining your body and fitness and losing weight. Woman and men feel free to join also couples.

Naked running

April 16, 3016. Borrego Springs, California. Just finished a 6 mile naked run. 5.5 miles total nekkid. First and last 1/4 mile in loincloth. Started run at 17:20. Finished 18:30. Jumped nude in peaceful pool to bed run. 83 degrees to begin run. Then,...

Muscle gain

Are there any good helpful tips out there for muscle gain? Do you yourself have personal technique that helps you gain? Work out vids to show how you do a normal workout in a day?

training partners

So after a long time I'm back at the gym hoping I haven't left it too long to get into shape. Will be a long process so if anyone wants to share workouts or be online training partners (ie sharing weigh ins, progress) I'd welcome the...

Latest Post
Still having squats issues

SO, I started reading up on squats about technique and form...Still wasn't sure I was doing them correctly. So I asked my Dad.He has tried helping by having me record myself doing them. He says I arch my back too much, but AM keeping my toes...

Crinkly knees and lunges... And squats, etc

So, I notice mostly on the back leg during a lunge, no pain, just crinkling. And you can feel it from outside.I've tried adjusting foot position, warming up my knees before, warming up my hips before, doing "clamshells" and knee...

Personal Trainers going to IDEA

Anyone here a personal trainer and going to IDEA in Las Vegas?

Core strengthening and ejaculatory control?

Is there a general connection? Sure, Kegel and similar exercises target specific muscles, but I believe our overall core strength and flexibility is important and want others to weigh in. Ive had very tight abductors (inner thighs) and am slowly...

Gardening nekkid is best workout ever?...

Ok, nude hauled wheelbarrows of dirt , mulch, bricks and stone, nekkid dug post holes, shoveled new day lily beds ((thank you, TherianThot!), power trimmed azalea bushes, laid new solar lights. All nakey. For 8 hours. Woke this morning feeling GREAT!...

Cutting regimen or slimming down

Hey everyone. I'm a "thicker" guy. Stand 5'10" and currently weigh between 195-200 pounds. I have been working out pretty regularly for about three years. My weight number has gone up which I sometimes think is muscle growth...

Nude running in rain!

Evening, all! Just finished 5 k Nude run in rain. What fun!! Glorious! Near Annapolis. Pinetree. Started run with clouds on horizon, then huge downpour. Shoes soaked! No other clothes got wet. Lol. Felt so good! Rain was warm. Water pouring off skin....

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