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a place where we can chat and exchange views,tips,and ideas, about building muscle maintaining your body and fitness and losing weight. Woman and men feel free to join also couples.

starting out

im just starting out trying to loose weight mainly on my thighs and stomach area any one got advice on the best sort of foods to eat and best sort of excersises to reduce Belly fat

Naked Skype Workout Group

Im leading a Skype group for men that want to workout naked or want to watch for motivation. The sessions will be Tuesday and Thursday 11:30am pacific time. The session will be a half hour fully naked easy workout. Message me your Skype and Ill add...

Finding the Motivation

About 6 years ago I lost 50 pounds. The motivation to lose the weight came out of a very unusual place for me. Let me explain... I am not a vain person. I can go days without even looking at myself in the mirror (odd, strange, yet true). I have been...

Post Holiday Gettin' Fit

Alright - so how many of you found a few extra pounds over this past holiday season? I've been working on getting back into a good gym/exercise routine this past week. I need it! In my area we have the Shamrock Marathon & 8K coming up in March...

Do your knees point out?

When bent at a 90 degree angle, my knees look wonky. Like, they face out... Anybody else get that?

Nude PT Sessions Brisbane

Hello All, I am doing nude personal training group sessions and one on ones in New Farm (Brisbane), starting this Wednesday the 5th of September at 7:30pm. Please contact me for more details and how to book your spot in the classes. Cheers

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by Colt70 
Kilted Coaches

While they are not nude, per se, the Kilted Coaches are very funny and have some great regimens and advice. They have lots of videos on YouTube and even have their own app. In a lot of their videos they end up getting nude at the end for fun (and...

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anyone in Phoenix, AZ?

Looking for a workout buddy here.......

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Naked running

April 16, 3016. Borrego Springs, California. Just finished a 6 mile naked run. 5.5 miles total nekkid. First and last 1/4 mile in loincloth. Started run at 17:20. Finished 18:30. Jumped nude in peaceful pool to bed run. 83 degrees to begin run....

Muscle gain

Are there any good helpful tips out there for muscle gain? Do you yourself have personal technique that helps you gain? Work out vids to show how you do a normal workout in a day?


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