Naked From The Waist Down

I guess that most of us, like me, prefer to be totally naked for most of the time, without a stitch of clothing covering our bodies. But, especially in the winter time, sometimes it can be warmer to put on a t shirt or vest to keep the body's core warm. When I do this I still like the feeling of being naked from the waist down, so at least part of me is still free, exposed, and the way nature...


For decades I've slept in just a t-shirt or tank top. Since I live in a cool climate and in an unheated house, it's the perfect way to stay comfortably warm, but feel naked. Particularly for men, the sense of nakedness comes from genital...

What I wear when going to my wax appointments

I get waxed every 4-5 weeks. Starting a year and a half to two years ago, I decided that since I take everything off when I get into the room, why not arrive wearing as little as possible? I've worn this and similar shirts, with and without...


Went to a game in person yesterday. Wore a long sleeveless shirt and my shortest shorts. Someone probably would have to look carefully to notice the shorts at all!

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Core covered men are sexy

Is it me or do more people find men only wearing somthing over their core mre sexy than fully naked. It adds an extra masculine touch.

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Any guys enjoy just hanging with bud...

If you enjoy the freedom of being pantless letting it all hang .. Maybe chilling with a bud or BSing ? Looking in Eastern Pa, Ny, Nj, or Northern Neck Va area.. Let me know..

Discussion of my behavior

Up until the time I finally moved out at 21, whenever my parents wanted to have a discussion of my behavior with me, I had to present myself standing bare from the waist down before the discussion began. Birdie

Insulin pump

Going bottomless-only is a good solution for me. I wear an insulin pump (about the size of an old pagerremember those?) and there is really no place to put it when Im completely bare. So a t-shirt is great because it allows me to attach the pump...

Be my Friend

I just joined True Nudists yesterday. I hope to meet some of you and become friends and to chat with others who are a distance away and become friends. It would be great to hear from you and please check out my profile. Have a great nude Day

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Driving Bottomless

When going on long trips or to the nearest nude beach or resort I like to drive with out pants or Donald Ducking it. Basically I don't like the seat belt against my bare chest as it chafs it. Anyone else drive this way?

Dressed Down From The Waist Down

Working from home has become the perfect opportunity to dress down from the waist down. Digital meetings are even more exciting when you're there looking at coworkers while they look at you, not having a clue that you're butt naked from the...