Naked In The Rain

For those who love being naked outdoors in the rain.

Thunderstorm after a hot humid day

Bin so hot and humid today, then we had a thunderstorm, torrential rain, went out in the garden naked, felt great, also rainwater is so good pure water, skin feels so soft after,much better than the chlorine and lime scale in tap water

I guess it depends on which rain

I have enjoyed being nude in light, warm rains many times, like in Hawaii. But I live in the north woods, and a lot of my hiking is on remote trails in the national forests up here. I am pretty good about checking weather conditions, but a couple of...

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Caught in the rain

I was the only person on a remote nudist beach a couple of years ago when dark clouds were heading my way. I packed my towel, clothes etc into my rucksack just in time before the heavens opened. It was a heavy downpour but only lasted about 10...


possibly my favorite past time, naked in the rain I adore exploring abandoned places and buildings, some call it Urbex , Urban exploration, I love taking pics of buildings that were once very important but sadly in decay. If possible I love...

Such a Wonderful Feeling

Naked in a warm summer rain is such a wonderful feeling. Unfortunately, where I live, when it rains during the summer, it almost always turns cool/cold and being naked in the rain would be quite chilling.

Wonderful feeling

I also love being naked in the rain in nature I just don't get to do it as often as I would like too

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Face up in the grass

This past summer, I was at a men's clothing-optional resort. Went on a hike. Started to rain and I kept hiking. Got to an area that was mowed into a lawn. Very nice. Decided to just lie on the grass face up and enjoy the rain. It was quite...

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Hiking in the rain

Hey everyone. Has anyone ever taken a hike naked and kept on hiking even though it started to rain?

I Guess I Should Have Expected

I was so surprised to find this group. I somehow had it in my head this way mostly a "me" thing and an oddity. I generally don't care all that much for rainy days - unless I'm free to be outside in it naked. Then it is almost...

Florida Night Rain

Since I live in a textile community, I have to wait for those wonderful summertime Florida nights when the rain comes down heavy and all of my neighbors are tuckedsafely inside their homes. And since I cannot experience the joy of feeling the rain...


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