Naked Talk

A place for everyone to talk about anything and everything! Post topics from whats going on in the playoffs (Go Steelers) to your nudist lifestyle or even put questions to the group. Nothing is really off limits, just be considerate with your wording. I want everyone to feel free to create new topics, post in threads, and post pics.

How Long Have You Been Nude Consecutively

I have asked this in the general discussion forum and have not gotten enough responses there, so I am asking here, too. How long have you managed to be nude for one consecutive period? From the time you first stripped off, until you put on some kind...

Clothing Optional Venues

Who here goes to C/O venues and wear clothes? My opinion is, if I go through the time, effort and expense to travel to an area where nudity is allowed, then I want to spend as much time as possible nude. If the weather is conducive to nudity, why...

Nude hiking (not at nudist camp or resort)

In the area where I live in PA, I have lots or forest land and hiking trails that go on for miles and miles. When I go out on a day hike, I love to strip and put all my cloths in my backpack and hike naked. When I do this I am always nervous about...

Living in a Nudist Community

My name is George. I am a 77 year old single male living in a clothing optional community in Florida. I moved here in December, 2013. While nudity is required in the pools and hot tubs it is optional in all the other areas like the restaurant and...

Answering the door naked

I have a question... Have you ever answered the door naked? If so please share your story! My main question is what are the repercussions of entering your door naked? I you were naked in your home and can be seen from the street, that is considered...

naked or nude ?

What is the difference between naked and nude? In German there is only one word; nackt.

Your nude vacations

So Im sure most of us have been on nude vacations, or at lease a day trip to a nude camp or beach. What has been your most memorable and why? Also is there a deam nude vacation your still waiting to go on or planning for some day? Tell us all about...


What is your pronunciation of the word NAKED? Do you say it as Nay-ked or Neck-ed or some other form? I use Neck-ed as the way I say it, it just sounds more fun to me.

Time Spent Nude

Has anyone been nude at home so long that they've pretty much forgotten that they were nude? Und stepped outside nude und then realized that they were in fact nude? Did you get caught? If so what was the response/reaction?

Meet up

Everyone becomes friends online but why no one takes interest in chatting and meeting them? Right and wrong things are known after meeting.

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