New Nudist

For anyone just starting out home alone or whever into nudism that wants to share his or her fears, expeiences, etc. I am also inviting anyone who wants a FRIEND to chat with Clothes or Whatever on the SUBJECT. I was a NewBie Last Year and had a few great friends on Yahoo Chat help me relaxe & got me over my fears. If you want to Yahoo Chat IMme at ChiGuy168 on Yahoo all I ask is that you have a...

Hi I am in Arizona any one else

i am 66, never been married and of course no kids but I do have 5 cats really would like to meet a lady 45-66 in the same area ( Prescott Valley ) i like cooking ( Blue Apron )i dont cook from scratch need help with that.

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hi new here

i am new here and only been a nudists for about half a year would to meet ppl and make new friends and chat to ppl mail if like to know thing thanks

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by icerobbo 
Brand new

Hello, Brand new to the site, but have always been a private nudist. Looking to make friends and get out there and try taking my private nudism into the world. Looking into finding a local place.

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New member

I plan on getting my wife and we both go to our first nudist event this summer

Newly exploring Naturism

Hi, I have preferred to little to no clothes for most of my life but haven't looked into anything beyond just not being in a hurry to dress in the morning, etc until recently. I am looking forward to connecting and learning from others on here.

Hi Fellow Nudists!

I have always loved being naked, but I have been doing it regularly for about a year now. I love every second of it! I'm a conservative nudist and I am still fairly new to this awesome lifestyle so I would love to hear from those who have been...

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Hello! New nudist, but I might be hooked!

Hello all! New nudist here, like this week new. I've been reading about it for a couple weeks, visiting the aanr website, reading people's experiences and stories here on TN, and it seems like it made a lot of sense and connected some dots,...

What i can and what i cant post in TN

Hello everyone im new here, and i would like to know if i can post every pic of myself, i like to take pictures everytime i do nudism, do you think that is a good idea to post all my pics?

shy Nudist.

Im an indoor nudist.But tomorrow I will go to a nudist beach and try to get naked. I have a large body and small penis.That is what is holding me back from going nude outside.I hope I will be able to get naked.I will go by myself.Any Suggestions?