Normalising Nudity

A group for people with a common interest in using nudism/naturism to normalise nudity in society, and promoting healthy attitudes to the human body. We will share ideas, events, media, etc. that will help make non-sexual nudity acceptable generally and not only in reserved areas. Society's attitudes towards nudity lead to unreal expectations about appearance, shame, and ignorance of what a...

Spanish high court backs man's right to...

A triumph for nudist rights... MADRID, Feb 3 (Reuters)

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Normalizing Nudity and TN

Hate to say it, but this web site is not helpful when it comes to normalizing nudity. Anyone visiting here for the first time gets a really bad impression of nudism, especially if you are a woman. Only those real nudist with the patience to work...

Do you sleep nude?

I do. I was 19 or 20 years old when I started. I had just moved out of my parents house out on my own. I remember waking up one night in a big knot of sheets and boxer shorts from having tossed and turned in my sleep. In the process of freeing...

Proud Nudist Friends

Hey! If you just love to be fully naked all the time and has a true passion for nudism, let's connect more! Hmu on telegram: duart_dl or skype: (just say your TN username)

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Spreading the good news about Nudism

I created an email address that has the word naked in it and use it when I have to provide it to my insurance company, the city building dept, or ANYONE who I'm fairly sure will not be offended. I just explain, "Oh, that's because...

Sleeping Naked.

I always sleep naked now. Use to wear jammies or just undies but because I toss and turn a lot I don't get tangled up any more including my sheets also. Every thing feels good and loose. And with a lady it is a lot more fun.

Naked and Afraid

You either like the show or don't, but the one thing it does is make nudity mainstream for hundreds of thousands of people for 40 minutes at a shot. Naked is a draw for viewers, but it is not a focus of the show. The contestants are just naked...

What I Do... that I answer the door nude. No, I am NOT partially, nor am I fully erect, nor am I masturbating. As sadly so many of the men on both this und the TS website seem to be bragging about. I do NOT "hide" behind my open door while at...

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I Find It Interesting That... organization that is supposed to be lobbying for our rights to be nude. Actually has a vested interest in keeping public nudity at the very least illegal. That's the AANR. Too many resorts that more likely than not probably make up the...

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Every day living

I'm nude every day in my back yard and it is just the normal thing with my neighbors . We wave and we talk while I m naked. I do all my back yard work naked. I only put on shorts to work in my front yard.


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