Nothing To Hide

This is a group that's all about mingling and meeting other nudist for friendship, networking, chat, even possible serious relationships. People who are honest and open with complete, open, full-access profiles, not half blocked and private sections. Either you're nudist or not. Keep it real 24/7.

Weymouth nudist

Been a home nudist for years but now looking to meet up with local nudist for some outdoor experiences Looking for a nudist buddies

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I'm new here but not to nudism

As it says above, been interested in nudism since I was a kid, since reading my father's H&E magazines. Great that it is still in production.

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Nudism and Religion -- Nothing to Hide

The Bible says: My body is good, my body is fearfully and wonderfully made, and my body is the temple of the set-apart spirit. At no time ever, does the Bible say anything remotely or tangentially like, my body is shameful, indecent, needs to be...

Proud Nudist Friends

Hey! If you just love to be fully naked all the time and has a true passion for nudism, let's connect more! Hmu on telegram: duart_dl or skype: (just say your TN username)

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I show myself naked and do not hide anything

Considering this is a nudist site, everyone should (as a nudist) be happy to post their own nude photos. Personally I only have photos in which I am naked and I am glad that they are seen. I know I don't look attractive but I feel no shame in...

Nudist or exhibitionist?

We all know how great it is being naked, even more so when with other nudists. I've always said that if I want to look at other nudes I should let them see me - a quid-pro-quo. And I do like to look at others in the nude, both men and women....

I am completely naked and do not hide...

I am Andrea from Italy, I am 59 years old, divorced without children. It is not my intention to hide anything about myself on the contrary I like being able to show myself completely naked to everyone. I am here and I show myself naked for everyone...

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The last entry 6 months ago and no photos in the gallary. Are we all hiding?

One Friend for Starters

Since this group is for opening possibilities between members, I hope to write with a member, any member and I won't put any preference. Let's just get to know each other. Hope you reply to this post and then we can write either here or in...

Spiritual Naturist

I have been living the lifestyle, as much as I can, since 1976. I feel "at one" with nature when I am outside nude. I do not judge others by the shape of their bodies unless the shape is life threatening. I feel a connection with all...