Nude Home Office

For some time now, many employees and self-employed people have been engaged in a variety of office activities from home, both in business and in private. Whats the point when you usually work alone anyway, working completely naked during working hours? Actually, very little. Which one of you has the opportunity to work like this and who has already had good experiences with the textile-free...

Do you work alone or together with employees...

When you work in your nude home office, are you alone or do you work together with male or female employees ? Are they naked too ?

Working from home nude

I've been working from home well before Covid-19 came into play. This is just based on my role as a consultant and no real need for me to go into an office on a daily basis. During fall, winter and even late into spring, it is too expensive to...

NYC nude co-working?

Any NYC nudists hanging out? Looking to co-work or chill now that it is getting warmer. Would be great to meet up with like minded and naked guys. LMK! Shoot me a message and maybe we can coordinate!

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Been doing nude from home for some time now - the pandemic just meant I had to spend more time at home and sometimes periods with my textile family. Now all getting back to normal and as the weather warms up I will again be looking for some secluded...

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Company Expectations

Are any of you expected to dress the same way for video calls and meetings as you would if you were working on site. If so, do you dress that way completely or only what is visible on camera? Our grandson attends a small private school and he is...

Ascend WV $12K+

Greetings Everyone, Just wanted to share this for all you fellow remote workers. Here is something that may be of interest to you if you are looking to move to WV. While Application for Morgantown are coming up there is a chance at two other cities...

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2021 Expectations

In the immediate, it looks like the status quo will remain so, but in the longer term how much will go back to the way it was before? Will people want to stay at home? Will working nude in a home office become more acceptable?

HAPPY NUDE YEAR to all of my naturist /...

Happy NUDE year 2021 to all of my naturist / nudist friends :-) 2021 can only get better. Be HEALTHY, Be NAKED Be HAPPY :-) Wolfgang

I just created my office.

I just love the feeling of working and be totally nude as I do it. I have wood walls and everything organized. I need to take a picture of this and post it here.

Now just nude

Was the same as many enjoying the benefit of being nude while working due to covid restrictions imposing work from home. But it all came to end... Was made redundant and now am just nude basically all the time once my family leave for the day....


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