Nude Home Office

For some time now, many employees and self-employed people have been engaged in a variety of office activities from home, both in business and in private. Whats the point when you usually work alone anyway, working completely naked during working hours? Actually, very little. Which one of you has the opportunity to work like this and who has already had good experiences with the textile-free...

Nudist real

Hello. I am a single nudist all the time. I am looking for nudist girls for friendship and nudist couples. I'm not looking for single guys. My Skype is: Johnny

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WFH nude is so liberating

Due to the nature of my work I have not been in a formal office setting for many years and have always enjoyed the freedom to WFH nude. However, recently the need for face-to-face Teams calls has ensured that the 'emergency' t-shirt/shirt is...

Working from home nude

I've been working from home well before Covid-19 came into play. This is just based on my role as a consultant and no real need for me to go into an office on a daily basis. During fall, winter and even late into spring, it is too expensive to...

Small Business Formation - No Dress Code

With the age of technology and the internet, business has become global. A perfect environment for any entrepreneur starting their own company. 14 years in business, my company has always had the rule of 'No Dress Code.' We mostly ship out...

Naked at home

My whole house, and 10 acres is a nude paradise for us and our company, My Office is nude setting with Canvas prints of my wife nude and partially nude Canvas prints doesn't have a problem making them for you if you want, they are not lewd at...

Last Chance

I am phasing out of my professional committee volunteer work. Now that I have been retired over 7 years, I am getting too far removed to be a valuable contributor. Today I did what may be my last assignment. I made sure I did it nude.

Im lucky

I work in the field of media and entertainment where I can get to work from home in my office nude. The only time I have to throw something on, is generally a tee shirt when Im watching/interviewing a band on Zoom or Skype.

conference call

Work from Home requires a lot of conference call with camera ON. How about that?

Nude in office

Been several years work at.home. I'm nude 24 x 7 when I the house and when working other than if I must go on video work call. Otherwise love being nude always. Also outdoors whenever possible and even once in a while when I shouldn't be.

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Home office missing

I'm missing my nude home office from the first half of the year. But there I missed my colleagues.