Nude Men With Long Hair

This group is a place for long-haired guys to meet and chat with their long-haired brethren.

Introduce Yourself

Tell us a bit about yourself: 1) First Name (or User Name if you prefer)? 2) In what part of the world do you live? 3) Hair Length, Colour, Texture? 4) How long have you been growing your hair or how long have you had long hair? 5) What is your...

At what point is a man's hair considered...

I've noticed some people refer to men with hair at mid-ear length as being long-haired. I would call this medium-length hair at best and don't really consider a man as having long hair until the sides reach the jaw line. At what length do...

Long Hair Up Top & What Below?

So, we like our hair long on our head, but what's your preference below? Do you shave smooth, keep things trimmed, or just let it grow?

Growing my hair my hair

Hey fellow nudists. My name is NatureFit20 aka PJ. I'm glad to be on here. I'm currently growing my hair out as well. I am at the beginning stages because my hair is really curly and I keep the sides faded for the most part but the top is...

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Growing Hair Out

Hi there I'm growing my hair out. I haven't cut it since July 2015. My hair is very curly, but thin and wiry. Any advice on how to keep my hair tamed while it is growing out and to keep it from getting split ends? I condition every 2-3 days....

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San Francisco Hippy

I am not really a hippy at all, but growing up in San Francisco I vividly recall admiring the very masculine long hair of Hippy men and aspired to look like them. In fact, as a kid I always rebelled when time came to get a hair cut , to the point...

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What's great about long hair?

What do you like most about having long hair? Is it the attention you get from others? The way it feels as your hair falls over you bare shoulders? Some other reason all together?

Hair Care Tips

I'm sure we all know the basics about caring for our long hair. Things like not using a brush on wet hair, not shampooing every day, and limiting your hair's exposure to chemicals. But what are your favourite tips for healthy, great looking...

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long hair

nov 2010 i cut a 12 year pony tail and gave it to lock of love. trying to grow it back now