Nudist Outdoor Adventure Activities

Group for those nudists whom are interested in outdoor adventure activities such as mountain biking / kayaking/ canoeing/paddle boarding/ coastering / caving / rock climbing / sky diving etc

Hiking in Wisconsin

Enjoyed my last naked hike in the National forest for the year looking forward to others joining me next spring

My intro

As an avid nudist who tends to push the limits I have done quite a few outdoor nude activities. Here is a list. All are true but one. Can you guess which one i have not done yet? 1. 3 state streak, 2. stand up paddle boarding 3. ridden a quad bike....

Hikes in Georgia

Anyone interested in hiking with me or as a group in the areas around Central Western Georgia? I live in LaGrange which is 60 miles south west of Atlanta and am 45 minutes north of Columbus. Happy summer everyone!

Nude hikes in N. California

I'm often hiking nude in N. California. If you are planning on being in this area and desire to join me on a nude hike, contact me and let's schedule a hike or a backpacking trip. For best response message me on this TN site.

Naked Peak Bagging

For several years now it has been on my bucket list to bag a 12,000 ft+ peak naked. I have had a couple of failed attempts. Today Kodou2020 and myself bagged a 13,100 foot peak all naked except near the road where we parked. It was a little chilly...

Appalachian Adventures

My wife and I are always looking for fun secluded spots in the mountains especially in the south part of Cherokee National Forest. If anyone has any suggestions we'd love to hear them.

Playalinda to Apollo hike

Looking to do a Playalinda to Apollo beach hike when it cools down some. (November maybe) Got a few miles in yesterday until the lightning showed up.

AZ Naked Adventures

Whose up for male naked adventures in Arizona? Rick- phxnudist here and on Snapchat.

Thank you for letting me join

I enjoy kayaking and mountain biking. I havent been able to get out and kayak this year. Before I moved out of California I was able to do some naked mountain bike riding.

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Adventures in the south of France

We do naked kayaking / canoeing on our local river, which fortunately passes through no fewer than four naturist camp sites! Also naked hikes. And we'd be up for any other ideas... We love to welcome all nudists but those with a liking for...

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