Nudist Whiskey Enthusiasts

This group is for those nudists who like whiskeys and whiskys of all kinds. Bourbon. Scotch. Canadian. Irish. All the others. What are you sipping while nude?

Metallica Whiskey

For all you dye in the wool headbangers ....

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Good Reading

Just read this article. It covers much of the basics for the beginners but I still found it a nice quick read:

Best of the cheap brands?

I get the feeling this group is more for connaisseurs, so from expert experience, what's everyones go-to cheap whiskey? That being said, what's a good brand to step up from the average Jim Beam and Wild Turkey?

Wellers Collection

What a wonderful Collection. I only wish it was at my Bar.....

50 percent alcohol bourbon

Does anyone here prefer stronger whiskey? I recently discovered a bourbon called Early Times (I think that was the name of it), and they said it was originally a medicinal whisky. It certainly acts fast...and doesn't take much to put you over...

Wellers and a Beautiful Saturday in St. Lucia

A beautiful Saturday morning, August 15, 2020 in at Bay Garden Beach Resort in St. Lucia. One way to enjoy the Quarantine!!!

Wheated Bourbon - Wellers

Enjoying at the Pool bar in St. Lucia. Woo Hoo

Splendid day at the nudist retreat

It was a splendid day at the nudist retreat today. I capped it off with one of my favorite bourbons. Old Forester Statesman.

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I have only 12 toilet rolls but I have 5 full bottles of single malt scotch whisky. I guess that's about right.