Nudist Whiskey Enthusiasts

This group is for those nudists who like whiskeys and whiskys of all kinds. Bourbon. Scotch. Canadian. Irish. All the others. What are you sipping while nude?

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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Nudist Whiskey Buddies

I enjoy a good whiskey every once in a while and I have several friends that do as well. Trouble is I like to enjoy it nude and so far I've only managed to find one friend to join me in my nude drinking. Just wondering how many of you have been...

What types of whiskeys are people drinking...

Whiskey. Whisky. Spirits distilled from grains and aged in charred wooden barrels. Bourbon. Scotch. Japanese. Irish. Canadian. Sour Mash. What is your go-to style? I am a bourbon and single-malt scotch guy with some Irish whisky thrown in for good...

A new top 5 favorite

This week in Whiskey Adventures.... 1. Found a new whiskey to put on the top shelf - Jefferson's Reserve. It is a solid sipper and now in my top 5 bourbons. 2. Bought a friend some Glenmorangie Quinta Ruban 14-year. They have both the 12 and the...

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New peated Islay

I had the pleasure of trying Lagavulin 16-year Islay malt scotch over the holiday. It was delicious! Warning: that much smoked peated malt takes some time to enjoy.

Love whisky

I always enjoyed a rye...Canadian whiskey...i definitely enjoy the fav being Crown Royal....vanilla on ice with a naked buddy u can't ask for better...i enjoy the smooth taste and total enjoyment.... Everybody agrees?

Just chatting abit

Im not very specific in choosing the sort of whiskey I like most. Most of the time I buy the cheapest. Famous Grouse, or Glenn Talloch. Most of the time you can buy 110 cl for 15 euro. Whiskey gives me always the feeling that the sharp edges are...

Simple cheap Whiskey .

Nov . 24 , 2019 . I drink cheap Canada House whiskey , although I will try other Whiskeys if others have it available . Use it for Homemade Irish Creme . Why buy the bottled stuff when it's cheaper to make your own . And it tastes better . Also...