Nudist Whiskey Enthusiasts

This group is for those nudists who like whiskeys and whiskys of all kinds. Bourbon. Scotch. Canadian. Irish. All the others. What are you sipping while nude?

Skrewball Whiskey?

Has anyone tried Screwball whiskey? Apparently it's peanut butter flavored. It makes me curious and I'm wondering has anyone tried it.

Quarantine drink


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by azguy_1066 
new guilty pleasure

I've discovered a new guilty pleasure - fine Welsh Whisky. Pics posted to the media section....

Kentucky Places To Stay

Anyone in the bourbon trail areas of Kentucky that has a good idea of places to stay - Looking to come visit for a few days at the end of February, first part of March 2021. Anyone with insite on what locations are a must to visit

Enjoying a wee nip.

Enjoying a wee nip on this warm afternoon. David James bourbon.

Metallica Whiskey

For all you dye in the wool headbangers ....

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Good Reading

Just read this article. It covers much of the basics for the beginners but I still found it a nice quick read:

Wellers Collection

What a wonderful Collection. I only wish it was at my Bar.....

Anyone like the big peaty whisky?

Im a big fan of Peaty Scottish single malts

50 percent alcohol bourbon

Does anyone here prefer stronger whiskey? I recently discovered a bourbon called Early Times (I think that was the name of it), and they said it was originally a medicinal whisky. It certainly acts fast...and doesn't take much to put you over...