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Older Younger Chat

Hello, I am interested in getting know some older men and perhaps chat on cam to get better acquainted. Look forward to hearing from you. James

Jeune naturiste en Belgique

Salut, y a-t-il des jeunes naturistes de Belgique ?

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Comments on your body?

How do you feel if anyone comments your body or even private parts on nudist beach?

Hello from Melbourne in Australia

Hi. Male here. Almost 60. Love to find an older or younger male to share some naked time with. Say hello and we can talk or chat more!

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First Experience

At what age did you discover the joy of being naked? What was your first experience like?


Spain nudist 54 would like to be in contact with young nudist males.

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Please help, lost boy :(

Hello, Im 25 years old, Asian American homosexual living in Sacramento, California. I identify as a man, I like being a man, and I also enjoy being with another man. Sadly, I dont have any men in my life. My dad and my brothers dont have a...

Snapchat connections

Hey, an active nudist here. Would love to hear from other male nudists gay, straight or bi. I don't care! Welcoming nudists that want to ask questions and be comfortable I the own skin in a safe, friendly one on one or if the interest arises a...

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How can locker rooms be more safe and...

There tends to be a divide between older men, who grew up with social nudity, and younger men who did not. What's a way for everyone to feel more comfortable at whatever their habits and self-consciousness are? When it comes down to it, I...

About Me

So I guess I'm supposed to tell you a little about myself. Here goes: I pretty much grew up in nowhere Texas. There was a creek a mile or two from my house and my friends and I would always ride our bikes down to the swimming hole as we called...


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