Outdoor Naturists/nudists

For those who enjoy or want to experience being nude in the great outdoors, whether it's hiking, biking, boating, swimming, sunbathing, or whatever. Come and meet others to share ideas, experiences, photos..

Naked Camping (Overnight)

Miss those early days ... camping out there daytime and overnight, naked with fellow naturists. By the river ... in the woods, cooking meals and enjoying a cup of hot coffee by the campfire ... naked throughout the day and night.

Everglades May 2020

I am planning a boat camping trip to the Everglades National Park from May 23-29th 2020. If you have transportation and a boat, you would be welcome to come along. Last year there were 4 of us. Usually it's just me or me and a friend from...

Forest Bathing

How many of you have heard of Forest Bathing (shinrin-yoku)? If you haven't you can look it up on the internet. Most news networks have done a story on it. It is quite trendy. It is something I have been doing from before I knew it was a thing...

Camping for the summer of 2020

Well Im thinking about going camping first time this year. First week in June, at between Flagstaff Arizona and a place called Clints well. Pine trees ,large Meadow, places to hike, a slot canyon, and perfect temperatures. Last year 40 to 60 elk...

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San Diego Hangouts

My husband and I will be visiting San Diego at the end of the year. Is there anywhere fun to hang out nude in San Diego? We are thinking nude beaches but open to suggestions

How To Be Nude In Nature In A...

I'm an avid hiker, and I frequent trails in Maryland, West Virginia, Virginia, and southern Pennsylvania. None of these areas tolerates nude hiking. I'll occasionally be alone on a trail with good all-round visibility, and open my fly,...

Denver at MAR

Heading to Denver by Aug 17-21 for naked hikes at Mountain Air Ranch. A nude resort with many trails. I know you have to pay to get in and spend the night but it's totally worth it (at least that's how it looks like and what I heard of) No...

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First nude time outdoors in 2018

Finally warm enough to spend some naked time outdoors. Spent around 2 hrs working in flower gardens today with the temps in the low seventies. I am so happy that it is gotten warm

Oregon Nude Outdoor Activities

Hi. Looking for Nude Hikers to join at Oregon's green areas nearby the waterfalls. June 24 2019- July 1st 2019. Any guy at any age, size, color etc aslong as you are ok doing nude hiking and a Male. Is Better to be there as a group but if not...

Skiing & Nude Apres!

Any skiers or boarders in the group? Looking for couples to ski with this winter, who has season passes and where to? We have Snowbird, Alta and Vail Resorts if you ski in Utah or are planning a trip msg us. We do nude hot tubbing everyday after...

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