Retracted Foreskin Wearer.

A group for men who has foreskin, but likes to wear it retracted. This can be for whatever reason, the feel it gives you etc...


For years now I permanently wear several Glans rings to hold back my foreskin, I love the look, it does mean that my exposed Cock head has become less sensitive, but I like the feel when it rubs against clothes, which I can still feel. To start with...

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by shaver77 

Who else loves the feel of the water on the head of your cock when showering? I managed to get myself quite stiff this morning by directing the shower head at my glans. Feels so good!

Sensitivity and confidence issues

Hello all, I just found this group, I'm an uncut man and my foreskin is quite long. When I was a teen my foreskin was tight and I was unable to retract it completely. After several exercises and pulls I managed to expose my glans completely, and...


In my opinion, I think a Retracted foreskin looks super hot ! Penis has a fresh skin look to the head and shaft. ....Rob in Wa. State

Hi guys

I did, for so many years but finally decided to get rid of it and never had one moment regret about it.

Deliberate or natural?

How many have a pulled-back 'skin because it is short and retracts naturally, and how many deliberately pull back a foreskin that would normally cover the helmet?

I just love the feel of it.

I try wear my foreskin pulled back as much as possible. I love how it feels and, even more, love how it looks when I am out and about wearing shorts. The outline of my glans looks great through the fabric. I also love to sunbathe with it pulled back...

Life at home.

I always role back my foreskins. I am at home most of the time. Where I never wear clothes. I'm looking for something, to do out of the house in the nude. If anyone no's of anything they want doing. I am happy. To do it in the nude....

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Hi all. I began rolling back my foreskin around 15 years ago, it stays back 24/7 now. I agree with a poster in a previous thread, as in, it makes me feel as naked as I can be. Glad to be here.

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What got you started?

Interested in hearing what got you guys started on leaving your foreskins pulled back. I know many do it simply because they like having a bare glans (I did!), but I have heard of others who were told to by parents or partners, or because they saw...