Retracted Foreskin Wearer.

A group for men who has foreskin, but likes to wear it retracted. This can be for whatever reason, the feel it gives you etc...

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If there is enough interest fir us guys that have our foreskin and want to share experiences, concerns, joys etc. Network together and make connections. Young, middle aged or the seldom older. Hit me up and let's share our experiences.

Art model

When i model for art i always pull back my foreskin, i like to show as much of me as possible and be as naked as possible. Normally my foreskin is retracted but when i pose for art it must be.

Whats's your best way to retract your...

Hi buddies, I would like to know what your best way is, to retract your foreskin. I am wearing a ring of rubber to set my glance free. Unfortunately, i have so much skin, that it still pops back over the glance. Maybe you have any idea for a better...

How many of you guys in this group like to...

I am very happy to have my foreskin, but I must admit I love to wear it retracted daily. I do it because I like the feel it gives me when I am either wearing underwear which would be a jockstrap or commando which is most of the time.

Hi guys

I did, for so many years but finally decided to get rid of it and never had one moment regret about it.


In my opinion, I think a Retracted foreskin looks super hot ! Penis has a fresh skin look to the head and shaft. ....Rob in Wa. State

Deliberate or natural?

How many have a pulled-back 'skin because it is short and retracts naturally, and how many deliberately pull back a foreskin that would normally cover the helmet?

Life at home.

I always role back my foreskins. I am at home most of the time. Where I never wear clothes. I'm looking for something, to do out of the house in the nude. If anyone no's of anything they want doing. I am happy. To do it in the nude....

New member

Hi all. I began rolling back my foreskin around 15 years ago, it stays back 24/7 now. I agree with a poster in a previous thread, as in, it makes me feel as naked as I can be. Glad to be here.

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What got you started?

Interested in hearing what got you guys started on leaving your foreskins pulled back. I know many do it simply because they like having a bare glans (I did!), but I have heard of others who were told to by parents or partners, or because they saw...