Segregated Nudity At The Y.M.C.A.

This group is for males who remember when or wish nudity was back in the Y.M.C.A.. But not just nudity. Segregated Nudity. This group is based on the blog,

Who else still uses their Y?

Wanted to create a topic to see who still uses their YMCA, and see what the locker room atmosphere is like? I currently go to my local Y, and its very basic but does the trick. Their locker room hasnt seen an update since the 80s. They have a small...

nude at the YWCA

year ago i signed up for scuba diving lessons at a local dive shop i was in my early 20's well we had to practice our dives at different Y's as they became available but a few times we actually used a YWCA that was opened for our group only...

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Orlando area YMCA locker room nudity

Just moved from Milwaukee Wisconsin to Orlando FL last year. My YMCA in Milwaukee had various signs in the locker room about clothing required, but all the not-very-young men ignored them. We walked around naked; there were open showers, and nudity...

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Nude Swiming

That's how I learned to swim at the Boys Club of Washington DC in the 1940's a 50"s.

Learned to love nudity from the YMCA

When I was a youngster I the 50s I joined the YMCA and since I loved swimming, I loved to go during pool free time and other times. No one, except the lifeguard was allowed in unless Nude and you took a shower before going swimming. This was for all...

Vintage pics

Is there a book out there with all theses wonderful pic of men nude at pools. Pictures of male nude swimmers with their coaches, etc? I have seen many online but wondering if there is a book out there with all of these beautiful pics.

Segregated YMCAs

When I moved to Seattle I joined the Y, and since I worked Downtown that's where I went for the most part. The men's locker room had it's own separate hot tub, sauna, and steam, and (obviously) showers. I like seeing these old nude...

MeWe Groups on skinny-dipping and...

Attached are non-sexual MeWe groups for men on the topic of Locker-rooms and Skinny-dipping:

RIP local YMCA

About a year ago I got fed up with how poorly managed my local YMCA was and quit to join the LA Fitness for $25/month including a free guest vs. $90/month for a family membership my kids barely used. The LAF was a fresh new facility with more...

Longing for segregated male nude places

Hi! Who else out there hates the fact that its virtually socially unacceptable for men to have their own gyms or segregated spaces in gyms where they can workout and hang nude? Women have infiltrated everywhere, eg, the Y. There are gyms that have...