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For all those who enjoy a dip au naturel or wild swimming (in lakes, rivers etc)in the buff.

Just home from hols

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Just home from vacation in the Canary Islands. The skinny dipping was so much fun, such a feeling of freedom

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RE:Just home from hols

the concept of a nude hotel means? the staff are nude ? or the restaurant is nude? is nudity allowed in Gran Canaria anywhere?At the nude hotels which I have visited the staff are clothed but guests may be naked throughout the hotel at all times of day or night.However, one of them required guests to be clothed for breakfast and dinner but not for lunch.There is also another nude hotel which I know about but have not yet visited where nudity in the public spaces is permitted only from 8am to 8pm.As far as Gran Canaria is concerned the legal situation is the same as the UK where nudity is not illegal anywhere but it is not normally socially acceptable in town centres, shops and restaurants.
Wonder what would be the rationale for restrictions like 'not for lunch', '8 am to 8 pm' ?

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