Skinny Dipping

For all those who enjoy a dip au naturel or wild swimming (in lakes, rivers etc)in the buff.


Skinny Dipping at the event XMASS PARTY 5TH DEC. 2020 PACIFIC SUN FRIENDS Clothing optional camping grounds 40 Quinn Road, Donnybrook QLD 4510 AUSTRALIA BOOKINGS ARE ESSENTIAL so that we don't exceed the number we are allowed to any event. Ph 07...

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Inner wish...

I've always dreamed about swimming naked. But I've never tried so far. To be honest, sometimes i secretly lowered my swimsuit uderwater, to try how does it feels. But, i can say it's not the same, as feel the HUGE need to totally take...

What was the most you went skinny dipping...

Well real skinny dipping was about 10 people at night at my cottage you did not see any thing it was dark. At the nude beach I would say about 200 people or were we just swimming in the nude? How about you?

No swimwear

Who own no swimwear and only swims nude? I do have 2 tan through swim briefs for times znd places I can't be nude.

Read this, if you're brave....nudist...

moon light skinny dipping

I love lounging at night under the moon light in my pool with friends nude and enjoying each others company!

skinny dipping as a kid or first time

I think most people go skinny dipping. When I first did it I was about 8 years old and we did it at night. So what was the point in doing it at night you could not see anything

Anyplace in...

Fresno, CA?

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Northern Illinois

Anybody in the north suburbs of Chicago that skinny dip and want some company.

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Skinny-dipping as shown on TV

I was watching Victoria on PBS Sunday night and there was a scene of a male servant running into the sea nude. That would have been the norm for that era. I rolled my eyes when I saw that his butt was blurred. So I wonder if it was blurred just for...