Sportsmen Exposed

This is a group for guys who like playing sport naked, or like the idea of competing nude with other guys. Whichever sport you're into, whether you play team sports and wish you could do it naked, or whether you just like the idea of seeing sportsmen with their kit off, feel free to join this group.

nude paddle boating

Would love to find a nude kayak bud in west central Florida. The weather here basically begs you to disrobe and nothing beats being on the water. Anyone else tried it?

Not a sporty person but keen to try naked...

I would love to try naked fishing, swimming of course... Ipswich in Brisbane host a naked swimming/water polo day once a month. I have been a couple of times and really enjoyed. I would be keen to try wrestling too...

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What sports have you done naked

I have been swimming naked many times, both at the beach and also in pools. Have also jogged naked on the beach (can be a little difficult with natural bouncing movement as you jog). What sports have you guys enjoyed doing naked?

Nude Wrestling

Looking to get into it. Love the whole dynamic want to experience the defeat and win.

What about a Naked Olympics?

I heard that when they were proposing and designing the modern olympics in the late 19th century there were serious discussions over playing all sports nude! even in victorian times they were thinking about staying true to the original ancient greek...

Any Fellow Naked Runners in Scotland?

Hello looking for fellow naked runners

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Pickleball and horseshoes

I like playing pickleball nude when I can. I've never played horse shoes nude but would like to some time.

Nude PT Sessions Brisbane

Hello All, I am doing nude personal training group sessions and one on ones in New Farm (Brisbane), starting this Wednesday the 5th of September at 7:30pm. Please contact me for more details and how to book your spot in the classes. Cheers

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by Colt70 
Coaching online

Is there some coach online??

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Morning from Virginia

A quick shout out here to say hello...just joined and look forward to connecting with ya. The sport I enjoy or have played the most..nude and beach volleyball. Hope ya are well and enjoy your weekend.

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