Stealthy Nudists

This is a group for those who don't have the necessary privacy, to practice nudism at home. Join and discuss how you privatized an area of the outdoors outdoorsy home to be nude. Open back yard, close neighbors, city homes, decks in full view of the street..

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We're renting in a new development in the country, with each 1 acre lot wide open (chain link fence). At the moment, there are only two houses so far and our neighbors have a teenage and 21 yr old daughters, so we need to be very careful. On the other side the neighbors are a little further and I haven't seen kids, but we still have to be careful. Behind us is a farm, and the highway is just across the field, but it's blocked by a hedge mostly. We just watch for the farmer. It doesn't help that the landlord lives up on a hill where they can see most of our yard (depending on the angle, the house blocks some of it).
I've built a couple of shades to give us some privacy from the sides. And we have a vegetable garden that I've put shade cloth around to block the farmer's view. So we can carefully get out and get some sun, but can't really work freely in the yard. We can generally enjoy the patio clothes free though. Like many, I really don't care who sees me, but I want to be respectful and we know it can be especially problematic when young ladies are involved. You can see one of my shades in the profile pic.

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