Straight Naked Nudists

Your profile must show you as straight. Absolutely "NO" Private, blocked or, Blank or Empty profiles.. For true nudists who want to meet or share with other true nudists! A group for straight men, woman and couples. There are groups for almost everyone, I thought it was time for a group like this one.

Looking for nudist friends

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Hello everybody. I am Andrea from Italy, 58 years old, divorced, straight, nudist. As a nudist and finding myself on a nudist site in my photos I am constantly and completely naked without having the slightest shame. Indeed, I am happy that everyone can see me as I am, totally naked. I think it is logical and natural that I show myself to anyone here wearing nothing. I am not naked to provoke but to be myself in freedom and truth. I am looking for friends both women and men from all over the world and of any age who share the pleasure of being themselves in freedom and nakedness. Anyone can visit my profile to read what I wrote and look at my photos. I will be happy to accept the friendship proposals.

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RE:Looking for nudist friends

I renew the invitation to visit my profile, look at my photos (I have published them to be seen) and also to send a friend request which I will be happy to accept.

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