Straight Naked Nudists

Your profile must show you as straight. Absolutely "NO" Private, blocked or, Blank or Empty profiles.. For true nudists who want to meet or share with other true nudists! A group for straight men, woman and couples. There are groups for almost everyone, I thought it was time for a group like this one.

Looking for nudist friends

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Best wishes to all and best wishes for a happy 2020. I'm Andrea from Italy and I'm 57 years old, straight. I am always happy to be naked, because I feel free and myself. I like even more to be seen naked by anyone and I feel no shame in showing my total nakedness. I believe that being and being naked is a natural thing. I am looking for friendships (women, couples and men) who share the pleasure of being completely naked. You can visit my profile and look at my photos and any comments or requests for friends are welcome.

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RE:Looking for nudist friends

Hi, Im Michael. Im from Pennsylvania on the east coast of US. I feel the same way as you about being naked. Unfortunately, I live in a suburban metro area that is pretty socially conservative so there are very few places I can get naked other than at home. Although I wont hesitate to get naked when the situation permits.

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