The Body-Perfect? Not Us!

This group was created by Will Goulden who was born without genitals and nevertheless he was an enthusiastic nudist. He said: This group is for those who are comfortable about their bodies in their surroundings, not in a mirror! - Truenudists is a fantastic site with a friendly chatroom crowd, thanks to teamtrue1's efforts. - However the TN members are letting themselves down. A sample...

Looking for naked friends

Greetings to everyone. I am Andrea from Italy, 58 years old, divorced, nudist. I have neurofibromatosis (non-contagious genetic disease) which creates aesthetic problems for me. But that doesn't stop me from being naked and showing me completely...

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by Skinny4114 
Anyone home?

Hi x just wondered if anyone is still here as the last post I can see was a year ago! Just joined as Im no stick thin fitness fanatic and I have no intention of becoming one. Im a bit chubby, I have stretch marks and my thighs touch! I love to bake,...

Latest PostI agree!
by dj121525 
What's perfect?

I have been a nudist for a long time. However, things changed after my open heart surgery. I no longer seemed to have the same body. I gained weight. Got a scar the length of my chest. It's been a struggle accepting this new body and scars. It...

skype nudist chatroom

NUDIST - FUN CHAT For the less endowered guys to chat/cam with likeminded

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Long time no discussion...!!!

Ok. Its been 7 months since the last topic on here so I will start a new one and see how it goes..!!! Who..? What..? Where..? When...? Why...? In other words : Who are you..? What are you here for...? Where are you from..? When did you decide to be...

Greetings from Florida

Hello, guys Average guy here 5'7", 145 male looking to make friends. I happen to like daddies and bears but all are welcome to say hi. I am looking for friends. feel free to say hi. or add me as a friend. If you are in the Orlando Kissimmee...

An introduction

I have been a lifelong nudist gaining my self esteem through a group of like minded young nude people from a similar background at the age of 11. My beliefs in nudity and what it means to me are very strong. Nudism is not about how good a person...

Un-fitness fanatics

There are some groups which dwell on fitness and keeping the body in trim. But hopefully not this one! My weight lifting comprises raising a pint of beer to my lips. And if I'm going streaking I do it at a leisurely pace - none of this running!...

Is there anyone in this group still active

It appears to me this group died. It also appears moderator abandoned the group. Does anyone know. The group seemed like a great idea and the moderator appeared very interesting, but I find nothing up to date here. Disappointing. Jim

New Admin

I have been appointed as a new Group "owner". The group was founded by Will Golden who suffered from cancer 5 years ago and passed away. What I enjoy about nudism, and social nudism, is that we come in all shapes ages and sizes. Some have...

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