The Body-Perfect? Not Us!

This group was created by Will Goulden who was born without genitals and nevertheless he was an enthusiastic nudist. He said: This group is for those who are comfortable about their bodies in their surroundings, not in a mirror! - Truenudists is a fantastic site with a friendly chatroom crowd, thanks to teamtrue1's efforts. - However the TN members are letting themselves down. A sample...

Sharing nudity

I have cosmetic problems caused by neurofibromatosis. However, this does not prevent me from gladly showing myself completely naked so that anyone can see me. I feel no shame in my being naked. Showing off naked is not a show or a provocation and...

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Bonfire -- Men Only -- Platonic -- Nudity...

Bonfire at my place as soon as the trees are covered in leaves Springfield MO Area Send me a private message if you'd like additional information ~ Men Only ~ Male Bonding ~ Male Camaraderie ~ Platonic ~ Strictly Nudist I'll provide: ~...

Hang out nude

If you'd like to just hang out nude, I have the place for it. Three heavily-wooded acres on a dead-end one-lane gravel road. Send me a private message and I'll give you my contact information.

What's perfect?

I have been a nudist for a long time. However, things changed after my open heart surgery. I no longer seemed to have the same body. I gained weight. Got a scar the length of my chest. It's been a struggle accepting this new body and scars. It...

Love the philosophy of this group

What a wonderful idea for a group. Im so pleased to find this one. Ive had the wonderful experience of meeting two men, on the same weekend, at a retreat who had medically defined micropenises. I admired them that they were still self-confident...

Hi just found this group

Hi, very pleased to find this group. Occasionally in the chat room. Say hi. carlos

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Looking for naked friends

Greetings to everyone. I am Andrea from Italy, 58 years old, divorced, nudist. I have neurofibromatosis (non-contagious genetic disease) which creates aesthetic problems for me. But that doesn't stop me from being naked and showing me completely...

Latest PostHey friend.
by Skinny4114 
skype nudist chatroom

NUDIST - FUN CHAT For the less endowered guys to chat/cam with likeminded

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Long time no discussion...!!!

Ok. Its been 7 months since the last topic on here so I will start a new one and see how it goes..!!! Who..? What..? Where..? When...? Why...? In other words : Who are you..? What are you here for...? Where are you from..? When did you decide to be...

Greetings from Florida

Hello, guys Average guy here 5'7", 145 male looking to make friends. I happen to like daddies and bears but all are welcome to say hi. I am looking for friends. feel free to say hi. or add me as a friend. If you are in the Orlando Kissimmee...


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