Travelling Nude Is The Best

Travel nude for fast transit, light luggage and freedom. Only if it would be legal everywhere. This group is for those who like the idea and/or have done it within limited scope.


Who would you like to have as a naked travelling companion?

Naturist meet program

I attended naturist meet program in Madhya Pradesh State. Anyone wanting to come to all the TN member men, women and couples living in India. Then send your details. Eating and staying is totally free from me.

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Hello Kolkatta Friend

hi kolkatta friend, i am in kolkatta tour i to 27 feb to 4 march 2017, i need a meet to you ,please sent to me a your email id and mobile number, i have sent to my location in all west bangal for all kolkata friend

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On a bus

My friend and I rode naked on the back seat of a bus or coach for three days last week.

Traveling Light

Each year a group of nudists go hiking for a weekin the Austrian Alps. It's called the Naked European Walking Tour (NEWT). Believe me it is pure bliss - hiking naked in the unspoilt woods and meadows and climbing one or two Alps. Totally...

Nude in a car or riding bike nude

Many have driven or travelled in a car nude. And nude bike ride also. These can be considered as travelling nude. Let us share such stories or experiences.

Nude activities in holy city

Uploaded some pictures of various nude activities in a holy city: a place of pilgrimage and a famous tourist destination. Guess where?

Mode of transport

Which form of transport is / would be best for travelling nude?

Nudist festival

A naturist festival is organized from 26thto 29thAugust at a resort with offer of guaranteed and secured, continuous 24*7 stay for 72 hours with nude/clothing optional indoor and outdoor experience, swimming, fishing, and also optional nude car...

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