Travelling Nude Is The Best

Travel nude for fast transit, light luggage and freedom. Only if it would be legal everywhere. This group is for those who like the idea and/or have done it within limited scope.

Traveling Light

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Each year a group of nudists go hiking for a weekin the
Austrian Alps. It's called the Naked European Walking Tour (NEWT).
Believe me it is pure bliss - hiking naked in the unspoilt woods
and meadows and climbing one or two Alps. Totally surrounded by
nature - au natural. We get to make new friends from many countries
as we stay naked for the Apres-Hike. Indeed we are naked all week
24/7 except when walking through a village when a weird array of
wraps and skirts are donned by both men and women.

The 2014 NEWT was filmed as a documentary. The film had its first
showing at the Leeds Film Festival last Sunday. It was interesting
seeing myself and my friends larger than life on the big screen in
front of a near capacity audience. I'm told itcould be shown
at other film festivals. Keep an eye open for it.

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RE: Traveling Light

That's great! Yes, heard of NEWT and read some descriptions of it before. Wish I were there. Only the travel cost is the consideration, and I fear I am not very athletic to climb a peak. It is a pure bliss remaining nude long time and hiking through the woods. Hope the documentary will be shown in many places in future.

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