Travelling Nude Is The Best

Travel nude for fast transit, light luggage and freedom. Only if it would be legal everywhere. This group is for those who like the idea and/or have done it within limited scope.

Nude in a car or riding bike nude

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Many have driven or travelled in a car nude. And nude bike ride also. These can be considered as travelling nude. Let us share such stories or experiences.

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RE: Nude in a car or riding bike nude

I had been nude in a car in two occasions and bottomless in a few more occasions before this year. All of those occasions were in the evening. The dare was that the drivers didn't know anything about and occasionally had normal chats with me while I was doing all these, and also that sometimes the car passed through heavy traffic in town roads and the inside of the car was visible in street lights. And in all but one occasion those were hired cars and in the rest it was my office vehicle. Among these in one case it was more than an hour and in the longest, it was more than three hours.

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RE: Nude in a car or riding bike nude

I had a nice experience a few days back of being bottomless and for sometime completely nude in a car travelling in broad daylight along the highway and towns too. The car was being driven by two of our nudist friends alternatively. They were bottomless too all-throughout.

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