Virginia Nudists

Nudists that live in the great state of Virginia.

Anyone near Essex, Va.

I live in Essex and would like to find other nudist nearby. You must have a place or know somewhere to go legally. I have no concern of male, female, group or couple. Saturday's is best for me.

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Looking for Room Available in Northern...

Hello, My name is Yannick. I will be relocating to the DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia) Areas by June 2018 I would like a nudist roommate. Doesn't matter if you are Black, White, Gay, Straight, Transgender or Not. I am willing to pay half in rent and...

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Saturday May 26 Spa World

Saturday May 26th is Memorial Weekend Spa World get together time. Enjoy some water time without the hot sun. Great if you are the type that burns easier than most people. Good family nude Korean bathhouse and Spa. They do give out Spa uniform to...

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Saturday April 28th Spa World

Time to plan another Spa World gathering. Hope several of you guys get to enjoy the spa. I sure did last month with many of you guys. But this month of April I will not be there. Please go and enjoy the jjimjilbang as well as each others company. I...

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Looking for friends

I along with my two daughters are planning on moving to the Smith Mountain Lake area of Virginia and I was wondering if there is any new families in that area singles and couples that like to meet up or if there's any nude resorts in that area...

Where to hike off of I64

Does anyone know of any good, secluded hiking trails off of I64 anywhere between Staunton and Virginia Beach?

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Saturday March 3rd Spa World

My nephew and I with PirateBob are looking forward to enjoying the day at Spa World. This is a traditional Korean jjimjilbang. It is in Centreville Virginia. Enjoy a great relaxing nude time in the Korean bathhouse which has a sauna, steam room, bade...

March 3rd & March 17th

Let us have a big tn Spa World get together on Saturday March 3rd. I know we usually have it the last day of the month. But we are not going to do that for February or March. I do plan on being there. It is good to get there early and stay late....

Spa World Saturday November 18th

Saturday November 18th is the next Spa World date get together. I will be there from about 9 am to 6 pm with several other tn guys. I do plan to wear a green silicone wrist band on each wrist to help you ID me there. I will see you guys soon. Please...

Grandview Beach

I went last week first time in 10 years.The beach is in bad shape at first but if you continue to walk it does get better.I agree the black flys are really bad.It is a long walk but good excerise, just take plenty of water and sunscreen and maybe...

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