World Naked Bike Ride

For everyone who's taken part, or would like to take part in the fantastic World Naked Bike Rides, which are growing all the time - 1,000 plus in London every June, and many more around the world.

I might not have a bike but would love to walk along naked in support as I love to expose myself.
PM me on any rides that might allow nude walkers.
Naked hugs,

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RE:Nude walk

In case you haven't noticed yet, there is,also, another group for WNBR. A search for "wnbr" should help you find it... I have a profile picture of myself, in a ride from the past. I found it on youtube, which might be a good place to check out the pace of various rides. You might, also, find some local group info on social media. ... The rides I attended were typically too fast for walkers or runners, except for areas of congestion, but there might be some that are much slower. Another option might be to rent a bike from a local vendor. I know, many cities have such a service, and often advertise it online. ... You don't get many opportunities to be applauded or cheered for riding naked through downtown city streets, so... enjoy it if you get the chance. :-)

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