World Naked Bike Ride

For everyone who's taken part, or would like to take part in the fantastic World Naked Bike Rides, which are growing all the time - 1,000 plus in London every June, and many more around the world.

WNBR Denver June 15 2024

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I recently saw a mention of a WNBR in Denver June 15,2024. In it was a link to the Meetup Group for Rocky Mountain Naturist Club. I am registered on Meetup and a member of the Austin WNBR group. I tried signing up, got as far as the last step of downloading a picture but when I hit the save button button, nothing happens. Same thing if I hit the submit button. Unfortunately, being a private group there is no way to contact them. There is a WNBRdenver email address on the main WNBR page that I sent an email to.
This would be the week after the Toronto ride, and I have enough airline points to fly out there so I would like to look into it. Anyone on this site know about this? Any help would be appreciated.

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RE:WNBR Denver June 15 2024

Amont everything in Denver is on a slope? Will that present a challenge for you?
Actually, San Francisco is even worse, I know you are considering that also.
If you do go to either or both, do you intend to add the state(s) to you nude driving locations?

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