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Greetings to all from Virginia, USA

Helo all. Glad to be a part of the group. Would love to hear from others. Take care all

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Looking for real nudist friends

Greetings to everyone. I'm Andrea from Italy. Glad to be in this group. I am looking for friends who are real people (women, couples, men) everywhere in the world for dialogue and exchange of experiences. I am always happy to be naked,...

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Is that guy for real?!

The guy whose picture is on the home page for this topic makes me feel very inadequate!

UK guy here

Hi guys looking to meet other naturists and nudists over 65+ for naked times at home or on the beach. I am also looking for nude travel partners to the Canary Island's.

Naked greetings from Italy

Greetings to everyone. I'm Andrea from Italy. I am still a beginner and lonely nudist and I want to meet people (women, couples, men) from all over the world who live the nudist experience. I am not embarrassed to be naked nor am I ashamed to be...

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Hi Boston MA

How's everyone doing? From Boston MA area, feel free to send me a message and let's meet up.

Middle Tennessee

Hello to all I am a 72 year old bisexual male full time home nudist. Always looking for other nudist local or distant. Enjoy chatting and learning about other's and their views and thought's on life.

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Hey all

Hey all from Australia, We've not long become certified and we're always happy to make new friends in Australia and through out the world. We're always happy to chat to people :-) although we only have a 5 message an hour limit lol. Hope...