European Locations

Places to get naked in Europe

Sweden Sep 18-26

I'll be visiting a friend in Skovde, who is also something of a nudist, Sep 18-25 and wondering if there are any nude opportunities in the area? It will probably be too cold for swimming by then and I don't think there are any nude pools in...

Finca Johanna near Malaga, Andalusia

Hi everybody!The Finca Johanna is only two years old, only 6 accommodations, such a little place but a real paradise..."]

Madrid nudist

I'm going to Madrid a week , about 15 yo 3o september to share a flat with nudists Open minded boys.

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Hey! I'm trying to get a group of nudist...

Hey! I'm trying to get a group of nudist guys 18-35 together for some camping in Europe this summer Anyone up for it???

Costa Natura

Hello all, I don't know if there is a thread already about this, but has anyone been to / is planning to visit Costa Natura who can tell me what its like and if they recommend it. Thank you

Skiathos Island Greece on 26-27-28 Augoust...

Hi , I will be in Little Banana Beach on this weekend (25-26-27) for nudism. I will be happy to meet any of you!

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Looking for any place to get naked in Sweden,...

Hello, I'm a resident of Karlstad, Vrmland and the local nude (clothing optional) beach near Skutberget has been closed for several years. I find very little information and only old websites when trying to look for nude beaches/resorts/camping...

Abbey house or Studland Sunday 13th....

The weather forecast looks like being sunny at both Studland Beach and for the clothing optional day at Abbey House Gardens in Marlborough; am free on Sunday and not sure which would be the best to attend...Studland is 2hrs drive yet AHG is only...

Faliraki nude beach Rhodes

Anyone been there. We will be at the far right end july 22. Love to hear from you.

Any new sunbathing options in/near London?

We'll have a free afternoon when we get to London on Sunday, and would love to find a way to enjoy the sun. Brighton is a bit far, and the Hampstead Heath would mean we have to separate. Whatever happened with the NOW TV Roof Terrace? I'd...

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