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Naturist Angel Hotel, Rhodes

Hi we are heading for Rhodes on holiday 22nd August till 6th September. Has anyone been there before to give tips and will anybody be there the same time. Regards J & K

Charco del Palo - end of sept

Hiya we are in Charco del Palo from Sept 23rd for 10 days. Anyone else about? L & L

Playa del Ingles week 50?

So, we are once again travelling to our all time favorite nude hangout PDE, there really is nothing better in the EU during wintertime or perhaps the whole world during wintertime. Is there a chance any more truenudists maybe lurking in naked in the...

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Why do nudists dress in the evening at...

Ive visited nude resorts in Europe including, Vera Playa - Spain, Cap de Agde - France, and Valalta- Croatia. Im at Valalta right now. In most cases guests get dressed for breakfast and dinner as well as evenings in the bar. Can anyone explain why...

First time nudists visiting Croatia

Hi Everyone My wife and I are planning to visit Croatia for the first time next July. We would like to spend 4 nights in Dubrovnik followed by another 4 or 5 nights on a beach somewhere. We are hoping that these days on the beach will give us both...

Nude trip

Hello all I am looking for a nude trip end of December.. Maybe spending some time on a nydist island...Tenerife..Carebean..etc Thanks S

True Naturist sauna un swimming pool...

Hi, we are familie couple, who are nudist for 3 years... We have been in Croatia and really enjo it... but the summer is gone :( so we are interest in nudist sauna, swimming pool or other indoor nude holidays with nude friendly activities... Some one...

Vera playa

We are thinking about going to Vera playa sometime next year. We would like to hear from other that have been there what its like and what to expect. We hope that it is a quite lively place and we like it when there is alot of people and lots of...

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Birmingham nudists

Im a member of the spectrum nudist swim , based in Birmingham, Ive going for about 6 months , friendly , nice place , would recommend it to all ages .