Backyard Nudists


Warm enough today for some nude time in the back yard. Doesn't happen often in October.

goofy nude moments in the backyard

last couple days i have been doing yard work so today i had trimmed tree branches in the front yard and pulled them to the gate going to the backyard . so once i gathered them all i pulled them inside the gate than shut it and stripped off my sweaty...

traveling cross country....

Hello all... I will be heading west from Wilminton, NC to Quartzsite Arizona, via route 20 this year.. I'm leaving NC on October 4th and my first stop will be South of the Border for some video clips. If anyone is close to rt 20 and don't...

Backyard Time in Nebraska

I love it when school is back on for then the neighbors are gone to work and school. In the summer my backyard is pretty private but you never know when the neighbor or the kids may cut through the yard. I have no worries not :-) I mostly sit out in...

Nude in my backyard

I have four acres that I can be nude in. My yard is pretty secluded by all the trees around but there is a couple of spots that I have to watch or I might show a neighbor more than they would like to see, but it wouldnt bother me as long as the law...

Back yard as summer winds down

Yesterday was nude at the steamroom, last night nude while sleeping, this morning in the house with a few chores, then two tranquil hours on the backyard deck. These days are dwindling down to a precious few here in New England.

Nude policy in my home

I dont wear any clothing in my home. My neighbors are aware, as they have 2-story homes that easily view my backyard and pool. They are fine with it. I lay out nude in the sun, garden, etc. Many of my friends are also nude when they visit me. Today...

Back yard and yoga

Hey everyone. Snagged some nude yard work today and some pics. also was able to grab some nude yoga after in the shop.

Nude Yoga In Backyard

It was a nice morning to do some naked yoga after my run. Not to hot with a slight breeze the moon was high as the sun started coming up. It was fun. Adam

Naked in the forest

I live on 10 acres of forest, and I love going for walks in the nude I find it very relaxing and freeing to be in nature without clothing on. I can't be the only one to enjoy this. Love to hear from like minded people

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